Streaming music capability on Prime 2?

I would think so. When you say “by bluetooth” you mean that it’s connected to a headset or a speaker through bluetooth, right?

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Bluetooth ear buds.

Yes, it will work.

Verified that it is working great using Amazon Music HD downloads BT to Samsung Buds Pro. Nice to have portable music while walking the dog…

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Good to hear that you are happy!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

I forgot to mention that I configured the watch as a pocket watch without the strap attached. I used the following item and adapted the 26mm strap on the back of this badge holder to the watch with the strap pins from the original rubber strap: (there is velco on the back of watch now that lets it “prop up” for back side charging access.)
OneTigris Tactical ID Card Holder Hook & Loop Patch Badge Holder Neck Lanyard Key Ring and Credit Card Organizer (Coyote Brown-500D Codura) : OneTigris Tactical ID Card Holder Hook & Loop Patch Badge Holder Neck Lanyard Key Ring and Credit Card Organizer (Coyote Brown) : Office Products


I can attach a cord to it for hanging from neck or just put it in my pocket. Too big for my wrist with original watchstrap.

It looks very cool. However, if you have problems with the touchscreen, place a finger on the back of the watch while using it.

I place fingers behind the whole carrier and touch screen works OK.

i use spotify with no problems

I found that you can have a nice screen view of the streaming app in square format and place volume control buttons on the side using the app :“Always Visible Volume Buttons” from the Play Store.


Found that the app “Radio Paradise” can be set to stream FLAC quality tracks that sound great with Samsung Buds Pro.

I also use Spotify and there is no problem. And for Spotify, here is a tip for you. To listen to Spotify offline on other devices, you can use the DRmare Spotify Music Converter to help you. And then you can get the lossless audio quality of Spotify songs as local files. Then you can enjoy Spotify music anywhere and anytime as you like.

I got the same problem these days. I am trying to figure it out. Currently, It is workable to use AudKit Tidizer Music Converter to get Tidal music downloads on the local computer. Then import the songs to my watch for offline playback.

Hey guys, I have a question about Spotify, the view of my Spotify is the tablet app, how can i get it display the phone view

If you mean square view vs round view @Dotsfar already answered this in your previous post . Press and hold the power button and touch circle

Actually, I think you are misunderstanding my issue. Basically apps have a view that they have for tablet and they have for phone. Here is an example of the two different looks of spotify:
Phone version:

Tablet version:

My issue is all versions of my apps are the tablet versions and not the phone versions. And this is the case for all my apps, Outlook, Teams, Skype, Edge.
Is this correct?

Dear friend
The problem is that you are wrong.
The play store displays the only versions that match the model.
Find a tablet-specific app on your tablet.
After that, try to find it on your phone or watch. (An example of SMS Texting from tablet)You won’t find it.
Your real problem is that the display on the watch is actually square (but only a circle is visible) and not rectangular. You cannot display applications on your watch in the same way as on your phone.


Those simply look like the Landscape view of Spotify, which you can also get on a phone by tilting it sideways.

I have just tried, and I have the normal portrait screen layout on my Prime 2 with the FAW firmware.

Do you have an app to switch between landscape and portrait mode, or otherwise tweaked settings so that you are in landscape mode, perhaps tuned something in developer settings?

Perhaps it would help us to see your watch view, rather than phone and tablet views.

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I don’t, I’m using stock rom.