A new watch is needed, after the summer... What to buy now?

Hello all,
I’m thinking to buy another ( yep… another one… :smile: ) watch and the end of the summer. Maybe at the beginning of September. I’ve lost most of the news / rumors in these last months related to watches so I don’t know if there’s something interesting in new products… What I’m looking for?

  • min 16 Gb internal storage, better if 32 Gb
  • min 1.39" screen
  • preferable square screen
  • preferable metal case and strap
  • IP68
  • min Android 7.x.x

Could you help me in the choosing of a new watch? Some pieces of advice? I know very very very well 2 brands in the specific, MicroWear and Lemfo, but I’m interested to every other brand :slight_smile:

I bought a Ckyrin Kirin X watch. The screen is round.
the strap can be found. the main thing is that the strap is replaceable (for watches). The case is metal, I personally do not know such a watch

It seems to be identical to the rollme s8…

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The only full android smartwatch that is IP68 certified is the Rollme s8. So the list of watches you have to choose from is very short …

very similar to this watch. and the main thing is that it is much cheaper

I just checked. I don’t think so…

I can’t tell you any more, since I don’t have this watch in stock. I ordered them. I didn’t find NFC in the watch you specified (rollme s8). However, it is possible that NFC is being installed exclusively for China during these watch (Ckyrin Kirin X - another name for this watch is Rogbid Brave).

Many full android watches with NFC have already been advertised. After delivery to the customer, this always turned out to be an “error”…
I would be very surprised if this should be different…


i have the smartwatch kospet prime 32gb 3gb ram the watch and very fine. 1260 mah she has good battery life ,
the magnetic round loader and very good ,
this is the main of my choices
I recommend it


The Kospet Prime ip67

The Rollme is also only IP67. It is only IP68 certified. Paper is patient, they say in Germany. I have now seen several videos in which the Rollme has NOT passed the water test.

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Ckyrin Kirin X (in Russia this watch is called Rogbid Brave) ip68
personally, I’m more concerned that the water doesn’t get into the watch when I wash my hands. the IP67 standard is not enough/
an example of this is the Genesis Kronos Blade. I am very confused by the holes in the case (one of them is the speaker)

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I agree with you that Genesis has a problem in this regard. But no such problems are known with the Kospet Prime. I have been using it myself for many months without any problems. And I also wear it when I wash my hands.

I don’t know what the Prime watch case is made of, but my Optimus Pro watch is falling apart.

No user has ever reported such problems from Prime.

Let’s hope that the case of the Prime watch is made of a different material

A lot of users here in the forum have the Kospet Prime. Such problems have not occurred in a single case.
If the rollme or twin you ordered has a comparable shelf life-
Then I will build an altar for her at home and kneel in front of it several times a day…


As far as i can tell, all watches with removable bands are made out of plastic (at least the body where the antennas are located).

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This is slowly becoming a bit off topic. I’ve cleaned up.

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Thx all for your opinions… :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look to models you told me. I hope that firmwares / root / TWRP are also available for these models, right ?