Windows app to automate adding touch icons to a clockface

Hi All

I’m really enjoying my LEM14 and now want to find a way to manage & automate adding multiple touch icons to one or more existing clockfaces.

I code in C# (.Net) so I’m going have a go at putting together a small Windows app.

I’m still learning the basics of the ClockSkin Format so I might make a few wrong assumptions along the way and ask for clarification.

The app will be free to use and - if I don’t use any commercial libraries - I’ll open source it.

I’ll use this thread to show my progress.


That’s good to have a new devlopper around. Please clarify, what do you want to do that WFD is not already doing about touch layers ?

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I didn’t install WFD as it needed Java. I’ll take a look now…

Does WFD work with clock_skin.xml?


Here’s an example of what I’m trying to automate … (don’t want to edit the clock_skin.xml manually)

*Al Rod clockface that I was playing around with


Why not using the WFD beta? It works fine for tap actions. We have add it to the WFD thread.
And yes, you can import existing watchfaces also.

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Is there an example of where/how to add tap actions in WFD?

You’ll need the v0.14.2 beta:
-Watchface Designer


Ok so my idea is to have named templates that are pre-configured with multiple touch spots (icons, package details, etc) and can be automatically applied to any existing clockface

This is possible using the version @G1NT0N1C posted above .

From what I see, I am only able to configure one touch spot at a time.

So lets say I have already configured 12 touch spots in clockface A… How do I apply the same 12 touchspots to clockface B?

*So essentially I want to easily apply “complex touchspot configurations” to multiple clockfaces without redoing previous steps

You could make a completed clockskin . Then go within the clockskin and open the .xml file . You could then copy and paste the array 100 sections only . I do this all the time

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I also want to quickly reorder items or swap items using drag drop.

I’ll add everything in one section in the clock_skin.xml (between comments) so it can easily be removed or replaced.

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Wfd is an amazing app, but too difficult to use for me…

There is a tutorial video . Have you watched it


No, now i search It.


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Here’s a progress update…


Cool… keep it up …

Busy implementing various graphics effects…

image image image image


Looks great … great job …

Looking farward for the final result