What did u ordered Kospet Prime 2 from where? AliExpress or etc

I’m worried about my ordered watch Kospet Prime 2,

i really wanted to order on AliExpress but my friends saying it’s risking like can’t refund money back? so i had to ordered watch Kospet Prime 2 on Amazon so

i been waited over 8 days also my ordered is delivery shipping is “YunExpress” in china which is got me worried because there alot of bad reviews on TrustPilot website people who been ordered on Amazon but didn’t get package at all…

i should have find out review before ordered it. my ordered said arrives around 24March to 9April I’m still waiting…

is anyone advices? should i wait after 9 April to find out?

Your friends may have misguided you. I ordered a watch on Ali-Express and when I did not receive it by the designated shipping date, plus an extension for covid, they promptly refunded the total amount.


you could order a second one from aliexpress with fast shipping and make a bet with your friends about which one arrives first like this: If the aliexpress one arrives first they have to pay you the cost of the watch from amazon, and if the amazon one arrives first you will buy them a round of beers


Agreed . Used Aliexpress for years and always good


Updated: Amazon tracking
it’s said arrived “at a carrier facility GB” likely it’s in United Kingdom around 3:20pm today, i was surprised also not expecting that

but i will keep it updated if i receive it my order :thinking: hopefully it’s arrived right location where i live lol

next time ill order AliExpress, i haven’t try it yet but will be my first time.


I ordered mine from Banggood.com and it came on time as they said

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luckily u but which country u in? probably that why it’s delivered on time :thinking:

Updated: Kospet Prime 2 is arrived correctly location where i live, at first china YunExpress dropped my package in England then messed up shipped to USA then again shipped back to England so finally it’s arrived today before 24th of march, early!!

The box doesn’t have any damages, perfect :grin:


Good news and good luck . Make sure you factory reset before you use it . Thanks


why do i have to reset factory? and how do it?

i looked up on YouTube, some people said their watch after reset, became hot overheats etc :thinking::woman_shrugging:t2:

Settings , system , reset options , erase all data ( factory reset )

Its always advised as a fresh start and clears and unwanted rubbish

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understandable, ill give a try to go as i will give u updates news after factory reset :grin:

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i already factory reset but how do i remove passcode for prime 2 and keep unlock face? :thinking:

Have you forgot your passcode ? If so you will have to flash the firmware .

no I haven’t forgotten my passcode, i just don’t like it because it’s difficult to unlock passcode, I’ve failed few times and risky could lock me out lol so i prefer to have face unlock without passcode :joy::sweat_smile:

it’s not possible because it’s risky if the watch isn’t able to recognise your face. Anyways, I don’t see the problem, as long as the watch recognizes your face, you will never have to deal with the passcode

i paid $156 for my prime 2 from a so called usa warehouse but it came from china by dhl as i use an android app parcels which tracks everything , it does pay to look around ali express as prices do varie alot

i see also is Kospet Prime 2 sleep with me on my watch? or can’t? just need to know before mistakes can happen

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu … I feel stupid now thanks Doc :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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