LEM 12 (Sleep TRacking\Monitoring)

Hi all., I am new to the forum.
I have a question regarding sleep tracking with this LEM 12 which I just purchased.

Let me first say that I am using it with Bluetooth and wi-fi and have a nano sim installed. The battery has been hopeless (needs charging at least 2 times per day and still doesn’t last) … I will follow some of the advice here to resolve the battery issue to turn of some functions and see if it helps…

Can someone please tell me where the Sleep Tracking Function is? Sleep tracking is one of the features why I purchased this product. If I can get my battery to last through the night I really want to use the sleep tracker. I downloaded and installed 3rd party sleep trackers to the watch from the play store but I can’t see the 3rd party apps font which is too small for me to read.
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this watch does not have a sleep tracking sensor

Thanks Jinguel,
I looked at several advertisements online and they all listed sleep tracking was a feature of the LEM12. This is disappointing. So what do you recommend I can install as a decent 3rd party app for this?

everywhere about this watch they write that they have a G-sensor and a heart rate sensor. I don’t use fitness on this watch.

Sleep tracking is a non starter with ALL these watches i’m afraid . Also apps dont work well at all . As for you battery , yes try all the battery saving tips from this forum . Ie

Use wifi and gps only when needed
Turn off google sync and pedometer


Not necessarily. I use Sleep as Android on my Lem X and battery usage is about 40% overnight.


I would like to see the accuracy of the results . Thanks

I can’t independently verify the accuracy of the sleep cycle reports, but generally speaking the results line up with whether I’ve had a restful or restless sleep. Given the limitations of using only an accelerometer I’d say it does a decent job.


Good to hear. Thankyou :+1:

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Something must be wrong I think …
I reset the Lem12 to factory default, I’ve turned off w–fi, turned off the pedometer and GPS is off. Google sync is turned off (I Think)

I have only the “Sleep As Andoid” and ‘Google fit’ apps installed.

I went to bed last night at 1:30am with 100% charge and woke up at 8am and the watch had shut down dead flat.?? (ALso … I fell asleep and forgot to run the sleep app too!)

This cant possibly be right can it?

Something doesnt seem right ? Delete these two apps and reset watch . Try watch for a day with just bluetooth on only . Again leave off google sync , wifi , gps , pedometer . If apps are working non stop in the background they can kill the battery but yours seems severe . Try this and get back to me . The two apps you mentioned ( did you have these turned off in battery saver ? Just curious )

Thanks Dr_
As suggested I turned off rest to factory default, turned off google sync, wifi, gps & pedometer. Made certain to fully cahrge before going to bed last night and woke up early this morning with 86% charge remaining (a considerable improvement on the dead flat result from night before).

Mr concern now - is that once I re-engage google services along with the pedometer and re-install the ‘Sleep As Android’ app (via play store\wi-fi) … I might end up where we started.

Right now it’s simply a tech time piece with little other function but I will leave it “as is” for the moment pending further advice from you and the forum.

Many thanks for your help so far, at least it lasted one night on a midnight 100% charge.

Sometimes its a process of elimination to find out the battery drain and what works best for you with what you have . Thanks

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I may return this watch to the seller as it isn’t much use if it only holds reasonable charge with all the functions (for which i bought it) are turned off, otherwise it needs 3 x charging per day to last 24 hrs.

As a side note, do you think the Kospet Prime 4G with the 1260 battery may do better?
Thanks again.

You should be getting a good whole day with this watch if you use wifi and gps only when you need it . But to have everything turned on all day with apps running in the background you will struggle . Thanks