Water damaged LEM 14

I just received the smartwatch that I always had dream of. It is Lemfo LEM14. This smartwatch is advertised water resistant with IP68 rating and 5ATM. After an hour use of watch, I dunk it into the water to see if it survives. It was OK at first. When I got the smartwatch out of the water the screen was not responsive. After that is started a long cycle of rebooting until the battery died. I plugged it and it started working again for some short second, then a warning came on the screen that your battery is overheating. Unplug or stop using it. I just unplugged. The reboot cycle started once again after that ended, the watch didn’t booted at all. I tried multiple time to charge it and turn it on but it didn’t work a single time.
The watch should be 5ATM water resistant after all. I really don’t know why that thing happened. I believe the water caused the power button to be always considered pushed for smartwatch and it caused the cycle of restarting. maybe after a while this effect gone away but the water found its way to the battery and caused the overheat. After a while, the pushing effect could be back again and started cycle of reboots again. Then the watch ran out of the battery, (considering it only had 1% at the time of causing this problem.)
Ok guys. I would really appreciate if you tell me your suggestions about solving this problem and bringing my watch back to life. Do you think the battery is damaged and it won’t turn on at all? Or I should dunk it in rice for two days so the water could come out of watch? Any recommendations?

Yes. Open the SIM tray and put the watch in a bag of rice. Choose a warm and dry place and wait for two days. Don’t try to switch it on. After 48 hours charge the watch and try to turn it on.


Thanks for telling me your suggestion. I will do that and Let you know about the results in two days.


Yes, please keep us updated. In case it doesn’t work we will look for another solution.

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Of course. I really hope the battery is OK. Otherwise it would be really hard to repair. I don’t understand the reason manufactures are faking the specs😔.

Well, I have this watch, too. And I used it for swimming without any problems.

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Update: Hi again. It has been almost two days since I put the LEM14 in the rice bag. (I did it before posting the topic) when I pulled it out of the rice bag, there were no water drops behind the camera holes/
but after charging it for a quarter, some small water drops appeared like the first moments of happening the problem.
I tried uploading some photos of the water inside the camera hole but I couldn’t.
I really don’t know what to do right now. Although there was no water in the sim tray I wonder how water got in there. and with that being said, maybe the other parts of the watch contain some water. I’m really concerned about the battery damage. I still don’t understand why they don’t test the watch before sending it to the customers. I appreciate if someone can help. I also tried to reach Lemfo by email and skype but neither of them was answered.

I was not clear in your first comment so I will ask. Did you push in either of the buttons after removing the watch from the water? It has been more or less an accepted practice that you don’t activate the buttons either underwater or while wet as the water could be pushed into the watch by this action.

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I watched Mr. Ticks video about waterproof testing of this watch and I strongly remember that he told not push any button while underwater, then I didn’t do that of course. I don’t think I pressed any button while being wet either. I think I just start pressing the button after the reboot loop started.

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Does anyone have any other peace of advice for watch to be OK again? Or anyone know an effective way to contact Lemfo support? I tried email and skype non was answered.

I will try to give you a contact adress. I’ll have a look.

If there is still visible water, the watch is obviously not dry yet, so it needs more days in rice.

On the other hand, while this may make the watch work again, it will still not work as advertised, and it seems you bought it with water proofing as a very important feature.

So no matter if you can make it work, it seems you would need to have it swapped for a good sample, as this one obviously had a production problem.

So I would focus on the return and swap for new instead of all this experiments to make it work again, while still not meeting your needs.

We’ve had this discussion over the years but this is what I usually do. The watch in a bag of rice is not all that effective, in my opinion, unless the watch is open so the moist areas are accessible. It works in my salt shaker because the salt is in contact with the rice. I live on a boat and have experienced wet electronics probably more than most folks. When wet, if on turn it off. Water is a good conductor and a short circuit will probably fry the device. I then place it in direct sunlight for as long as possible or in an “oven” at low temperature, like warm setting, to dry it out. It has worked in most cases.

And as you guys talked about the effective ways for fixing wet electronic I searched about it and watched a couple videos about this subject. In the video that I think was the most scientific and experimental, some ways of draining water from electronics and gadget were tested and by the result, keeping the device in front of a fan was one of the quickest ways to drain water. In the same video, it said keeping the device inside a rice bag will take longer time to drain all the water rather than letting the gadget be in the fresh air. I also found out keeping electronics in direct sunlight could cause damages to LCDs and etc. Then what I did is keeping the watch in front of a fan. I will try charging it the next week to test whether or not this watch will work again. I’m really over this…

As you said, being water resistant was the most important reason I bought this smart watch. I was really disappointed at the time watch started restarting. actually it was one the worst moments in my life, cause I spent almost all of my budget for buying the watch I always had a dream of and spending the rest of money for express transfer from china to the country I live in. As you said the watch should have production problem and will not answer my needs properly but what can I do? I actually don’t have the budget to send it over to china and pay for custom duties and transfer even if Lemfo wants to replace this watch for me. Lemfo is not answering me anyway. For a guy who trusted the advertised specification and a youtube video which showed dunking this watch underwater, the situation couldn’t be worse than what it is.:persevere::disappointed: The last and the best shot I have is try drying this watch and treating what is left from the watch like a golden bar. thank you guys for helping me out giving me your suggestions. I really appreciate it. I’m also open to new recommendations and effective channel for getting in touch with Lemfo.

The watch should be returned immediately to the seller.
They are saying it is waterproof so they need to replace it.
Contact the seller and let me know your order number.
I don’t know if I can do anything but I can try if you purchased it from the official Lemfo Aliexpress store.


First of all, I’m really grateful for what you are doing. I tried reaching Lemfo via email and skype that I found in their website and the paperwork. Although I send them message two days ago, I didn’t received any kind of answer till now. I want to give you the serial number and the order number but I wonder if there is anyway to reach you privately. Because I don’t think sharing these information in a public website is safe. thanks again.

Hi . If you click on a members photo you can PM them direct :+1: . Good luck


I have sent you a private message.
Please respond as soon as you can.
Cheers :handshake:


Hi there, I think yours is not water resistant issue. You said your watch reboot cycle once again.
Possibility is the clock skin you install recently caused it.
You need to restore the watch.

I had face this issue before on my A8 watch. Luckily i have install Google find my device on the watch and i just click erase device remotely from my phone and the watch works just fine after that.

Hopefully your issue are the same as mine.