Watch face lemfo

Hello everyone, I need these animated faces

In fact, I want a moving face request for Lemfo… I want a square page. And then the round page. please help

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We work closely with Lemfo. That’s why we don’t copy any watchfaces of this brand. Sorry.


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Hello, don’t bother to give me another animated watch face. No need to make fun of me. Because my lympho clock face has been erased

There is no moving face on the watch

Please tell me the address of the collection of moving faces and suitable tools to make it easier to work with the watch. Thank you

@Majid_Z These Lemfo faces are not animated in the usual sense, they rely on a system application for their animation.
As well as the fact that they are not usable without the required system app - as previously mentioned - we would not distribute faces made by one of the brands that we work with.

But you can check out animation capabilities in the Universal Launcher which has the ability to use watchmaker files.
Or you can use the Watch Face Designer application to create your own and understand the animation capabilities of the stock watch face engine.
Just use the forum search tool to find these topics.

Looking at the photos you posted shows that you have one of the newer LEM 10 watches. Is it using Android 9?
I believe the DM20C is a Unisoc board… Not MTK.

Anyway, good luck on your journey with animated watch faces :+1:


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@Majid_Z please do not ask staff to email you watch faces.
I already explained what you need to do.

Consider this a warning.
Please do not violate the forum rules and please use the search function.


Hello everyone, have a good time. Please, can anyone give me this Launcher fast review

It’s very easy to find - just click on the search icon under the website banner and type in Universal Launcher.
Click on the blue search button as shown in this screen shot.


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Considering we’ve been here before

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Hello, have a good time. Shadi is correct. I type the same option as the universal launcher, but I can’t find and download it because the internet in Iran is very weak. Please send me a copy of the program.


Hello, don’t worry, thank you for sending me the world clock version. But I meant this version, I want this Launcher fast review

I checked that I want, please