Vacheron & Constantin Grand Complication 3600

Please notice: This face needs UL. If you want to brick your watch, use this face with a stock launcher.

The Vacheron and Constantin Grand compilation 3600. I spent a few hours with this watchface. I got almost all functions to work. Only the tidal complication is not exact: the length is actually 12 hours 25 minutes. I currently only have a length of 12 hours. The rest works exactly, the location for Sunset / Sunrise is Hamburg.

One last downer: The lower complication between sunset and sunrise is not entirely clear to me. When I understand what it says, I’ll add it. solved, thanks to @vladimir_lutzu

The resolution is 480x480. It has to be scaled to -14% on the Prime 2. It also works on 400 screens. Here, too, you have to scale.


Download: - Google Drive



Great Job! :sauropod: :sauropod: :sauropod: :sauropod: :sauropod:

Without question your best work to date . Truly stunning from so much work :+1:

Thanks, @Dr_Andy_Vishnu and @Edward!


Amazing work, you got it. Thanks

Thank you, @Joao_Nascimento. It was a lot of work.

no doubt about it. :ok_hand:

An exceptional work, as you have become accustomed to. I like it a lot!! About the confusion between the indicators of sunrise and sunset i think is about this: It display the length of day and length of night . The length of daylight hours is signified in gold, while the length of the night is represented in black. Unfortunately,sunrise and sunset times vary across the world so each one maybe can adjust itself.
Anyway, like I said, a piece of art! :clap: :clap:


very nice…just one question…how do i make it 14% smaller for my prime2…total noob in watchfaces…

Double tap on the face. the red dot is a slider. Move it to the left to scale down.

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Tap on the clockskin and you will get a white menu . Move the slider to -14% and save . I’m assuming you have universal launcher installed ?

You are too quick :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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i see…thats why it needs UL…i dont work with UL bu twith the standard launcher with Nova in the background…it comes up allright on the watch but is to big…

Really nice done, really really sharp and nice looking :ok_hand:
Any further explanation of how to understand the “running equation of time” visor ?

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The actual sun day varies in length over the year. For the sake of simplicity, we assume a day length of 24 hours. In fact, however, the length is exactly 24 hours only 4 times a year. The difference fluctuates over the year between +16 minutes and -14 minutes.
This complication is working exactly.:sunglasses:


Yes, you are right! I will be able to make it work- in this case for Hamburg, but I’m thinking about an “.watch”- Version. In this case it should work for everyone.


good job on the face! I will test soon :wink: btw, .watch faces crashes UL :frowning: so it’s good I can use the clockskin version

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If you watched, you will notice that the problem in question has a certain shape, and if you give it a monthly rotation, I think you will get what you want to achieve …Good luck!

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I was looking at it right in this moment! You are right, but I think I will add it to the existing 366 pucture GIF to make it more exact. Thanks again!:handshake:

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Well G1N…I can’t test it of course…but I sure as hell can appreciate the tremendous amount of time and effort that must have went in to it! :+1: :+1: Funnily enough it is a beautiful face as well, but this time the beauty is in the wealth of detailed information available to the wearer. Excellent! :+1: :+1: Cheers, Doons