Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]

Thanks Eric!! Many thanks for the fast reply mate…much appreciated! I’ve always said that you were by far the best Moderator on the Forum!! :+1: :crazy_face: (And it would be hard to beat those other 2 dead losses @G1NT0N1C & @Dr_Andy_Vishnu ) :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

@Doonsbury installs UL. I didn’t think I would experience this again. I think I’ll slaughter a cow tonight out of gratitude! :cow2:


@Doonsbury just wait and see how it goes before terrorising these poor guys :joy::joy:
I will help you, don’t worry :+1:


Sacrifice a goat at dawn.
Tonight the moon is just waiting for it :joy:


Wait a minute!! Just wait a bloody cotton pickin minute you bunch of Bovine slaughters! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: Before you, @pablo11 (And probably even the ole @Dr_Andy_Vishnu would enjoy a good midnight slaughter I guess :crazy_face:) head out to indulge in satanic killing rituals :crazy_face: I was only inquiring about UL!! Lets face it kiddies, if I try and put UL on my watch I’ll probably manage to put the Forum off the net for weeks! I tried to put it on once before and had Noooooooooo end of trouble. I mean there would be few on the Forum who are more Tech Savvy that the ole Doons ( :woozy_face: :woozy_face: :rofl:) but I could have some slight difficulty! But then again…Oh Lordy…how I do want to escape being forever in G1N’s debt! Cheers, “Yep, the country side will be knee deep in slaughtered carcasses come daylight”! :woozy_face:, Doons

P.S. This is why I said that @Eric_Crochemore is the nicest one! Notice that he hasn’t said he is gonna slaughter anything…except maybe me when I keep asking him stuff about UL!! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl:)


@Eric_Crochemore I am facing a weird issue on my kospet optimus pro android 7.1.1 watch. I am disabling task cleaner for UL but as soon as I get out of that menu and open it again it gets enabled automatically and doesn’t stay alive. I have enabled all permissions made it administrator and even made it not optimized from app settings but still task cleaner enables it again and hence it sleeps when the screen is locked. can you please tell me how I can stop task cleaner from enabling itselef for UL? and also Override Home button option in settings is not working and on clicking home button it goes back to watch face screen instead of locking the device directly. can you please check it?

There is a settings app too, did you also protect that from being shutdown?


ohh ok ya saw it now it’s not getting enabled and not crashing. Is home button override working on your watch? in my watch it just takes the watch to home screen instead of locking the screen

Can’t help with that, not using UL.

Well it works, but is useful only on some watches. Maybe you don’t need this on yours.

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I need it actually because if I want turn off my screen on a certain app (eg. music controller) then By default in my watch if I click home button it closes the app and gets to home screen instead of that I want it to stay in that app and just turn of the screen so that I can easily app by unlocking watch instead of navigating back to music controller every time