Type 1 diabetes watch

My kid has type 1 diabetes and is using a continuous glucose monitor and an insulin pump, both connect to his phone, with an app called aaps, that controls the pump.
I was thinking about trying a watch so he wouldn’t have to be with his phone all the time.
Requirements: large enough screen to easily control the app (entering carbs, insulin, starting a new pump etc).
Android 9, preferably newer.
Large battery, the app and bluetooth are running 24/7 on the background.
I know many parents to t1d kids are looking for a similar solution (and probably some t1d adults too).

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This is a tough one and personally i would say its too risky with this size of device. I could suggest a A8 unsupported watch that will cope with the battery requirements but it has a small amoled display.

I would stick to using a phone. Much safer


I see that too. If anything, I would use an A10 watch with FAW firmware for this. But I’m not sure I would depend on it for my life.

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I am Type 2 Diabetic. Recently I was very ill and told by my health care team to not use any watch, that they are not accurate. I had to buy an Blood Oxygen Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor and a Glucose Monitor and that even they aren’t accurate. Always go to the Doctor I am at A1C of 7.0 and visit my Doctor every 3 months.

I also have food allergies to more than 35 known food items. Eating right is hard but try too.

I am older and about 50 pounds over weight and started Ozempic. Well see how it goes.

Good Luck, may be something reliable will come out. But always stick to what your Doctor says he should know of something if it comes about.


Thanks for your replies.
I would look into both watches (a8 and a10).
As for the health risk, if the phone/watch fails the pump reverts to basal function, so not a real risk there. A backup phone is recommended anyway.

Another important note: Watches that measure blood glucose levels externally are currently extremely inaccurate and not recommended, for medical or any other use. This isn’t what i was looking for, looking for a watch to connect to the real glucose monitor (dexcom g6) and pump (omnipod dash) via bluetooth.

Adult with type 1 diabetes here, I’m also looking for such a watch, but I need NFC additionally, to initialize my glucose sensor.
Also I would add a square screen to the list, to be able to see and click all buttons in the APS app.

Currently I have not found a device that ticks all boxes.
The closest I found are the DM101 with FAW A10 and the Lokmat Appllp 3 Max with A9. You can find some information on both in this forum, but both are lacking NFC.

The only devices with NFC that I found, the unihertz mini phones, are not mentioned in this forum yet. Probably they don’t count as watches even though they are not much different in footprint.
The Jelly Star with A13 and the waterproof Atom with A9 can both be worn like a watch with an accessory wrist strap.

Have you seen this ?

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Thanks for the link, yes I’ve already read this conversation. If I get it correctly these watch bands include an NFC Chip, but do not communicate with the watch.

My APS app needs to read /write some data from the Sensor via NFC to be able to initialize it and connect via bluetooth, so that would not be sufficient.

I also read the following conversation about retrofitting NFC. But it looks like they used a NFC reader that connects as a keyboard and just types the string it reads via NFC.
There are other types of readers /writers, mostly with the keyword ACR112U on AliExpress that are “PC/SC-compliant” which appears to work differently. Maybe that would work, but as I don’t own a FAW and don’t know wich one supports USB otg, I didn’t try it yet.

NFC Retrofit on Lemfo LEM10 and LEM T

That is correct yes . The strap does not talk to the watch itself

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