NFC Retrofit on Lemfo LEM10 and LEM T

Hi to everyone who has knowledge in
HOW TO Retrofit NFC to a
Lemfo LEM10 and or Lemfo LEM T.

I am T1D and use a Glucose Sensor to monitor this.
Until today it was the Dexcom G6 Sensor I was using.
For several Reason I have to switch to
Abbots Libre2 Sensor.

The Glucose Data is provided by the Bluetooth Protocol
on Dexcom and Abbot.
But to start sending the Data from the Sensor it is necessary to start the Sensor.
Dexcom receive the Start Signal via Bluetooth
Abbot receive Start Signal via NFC.

Thats why I would like the Retrofit of NFC.
I do not need Google Pay or similar things.

It would be enough to have an external NFC Modul plugged via USB
when needed (every 14 Days).
Hopefully someone read this who can help!
Thank you!

Every external module should work if you connect it to the watch via the docking station.

But I haven’t test it yet.


Now have to wait.
Thank you so much for this. Hopefully it will work.
I will post the Results.
A cable that fits I have to build by my self, I think…
Or get an Adapter somewhere else.
Again: Thank you for the Help!

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