NFC Retrofit on Lemfo LEM10 and LEM T

Hi to everyone who has knowledge in
HOW TO Retrofit NFC to a
Lemfo LEM10 and or Lemfo LEM T.

I am T1D and use a Glucose Sensor to monitor this.
Until today it was the Dexcom G6 Sensor I was using.
For several Reason I have to switch to
Abbots Libre2 Sensor.

The Glucose Data is provided by the Bluetooth Protocol
on Dexcom and Abbot.
But to start sending the Data from the Sensor it is necessary to start the Sensor.
Dexcom receive the Start Signal via Bluetooth
Abbot receive Start Signal via NFC.

Thats why I would like the Retrofit of NFC.
I do not need Google Pay or similar things.

It would be enough to have an external NFC Modul plugged via USB
when needed (every 14 Days).
Hopefully someone read this who can help!
Thank you!

Every external module should work if you connect it to the watch via the docking station.

But I haven’t test it yet.


Now have to wait.
Thank you so much for this. Hopefully it will work.
I will post the Results.
A cable that fits I have to build by my self, I think…
Or get an Adapter somewhere else.
Again: Thank you for the Help!

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Finally i received it,
and No its not working for this Watch.
Maybe missing OTG???

That’s sad to hear. Does the watch recognize it? Does it work with a smartphone?

I think the problem is that the watch does not supply power to the external device. There are no 5 volts on the watch connector. The necessary conversion cable should be prepared together with a charging cable.


If this is the problem, can it be solved by a modified cable with an external power supply?

Hey Guys,
very nice to that anybody is interested in this Topic.
So, gyuri is right, on the Lem is no lower at the usb port.
I did a very short test on my Phone (Z3c, CarbonROM)

It seems recognized by phone somehow.
Did check at a Sony BSC-10, and no luck.
The Project not anymore relevant to me, the Diabetes Industry is going to Change the transmitting Protokol to BT.
I will answere questions as soon as possible.
There are other Projects i am interested in more than this.

Maybe it can be solved, i am pretty shure!
But unfortunalty i did not try it yet.

Hi Actrapit

Did you find an alternative way to use your watch as collector for the libre?

Hi AnneSven

actually i am no more interessted in Libre2.
For now i hope my Dex G6 will work until new Sensors come up.
A small Device with very good Power is a Sony Z3c and LineageOS.
Hopefully some Friends let me have a look at a Kospet Prime2 for Testing the RFID Device. Until i have not my Hands on the Prime2 i can´t say anything about Libre, sorry! Maybe there will be Progress in the LC???
In my humble opinion the LC Community arrived its end, because of the DiabeLoop and T-Slim2 IQ_Control Release across Europe.
We will see where the Libre3 will land on, maybe Ypsopump???
In the End it will be a Surprise to everyone of us.
Very best Regards

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Great you got the G6, it seems as if it is a lot more up to speed with the possibilities of smart devices.

We can’t get the G6 and as it is for my 8yo, so I’d rather he had a watch than a phone, but since there is no full andorid watches with NFC, I am trying to find a workaround or a device that could come in between, but does not have to be attached like the bubble and MiaoMiao.
I see your point, but I think it still has some years to go - we don’t loop (Omnipod Dash) but we use NS to monitor the glucose levels at all time and even the teachers has the NC available - it’s just with that darn phone

Hi AnneSven

there are some news around that the libre3 will also need NFC!
Very bad news in my opinion. It theens that the Libre3 need it for StartUp the Sensor. OMG!!!
Hmmm, you are not alone in such a Situation. Some People around me also asking very often for a workaround.
I am going to do some more tests with my reader on the LEM10 and LEM T, but please be patiently…
I really do not know how this Story ends!
Maybe some People here will support me (us) on this Project.
Help from here is appreciated!

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