Wireless payment and fullandroid watches

The function that most users of a Full Android watch miss most is contactless payment with NFC. While the concept of the Fullandroid watches seems vastly superior to the Android wear devices and also the Apple watch, the lack of this function almost causes physical pain.
But although this wish is at the top of the list for many, even after so many years it is still not possible. Or does it???


Brilliant work G. Well done :+1:

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These are watchstraps from Tapster. They enable NFC payment. In order for it to work, it must be linked to a bank account that allows such solutions to be integrated. This is, for example, VIMpay or Curve.
A full list of all countries where it works can be found on the Tapster website. Also a list of all the banks that come into question.
I activated it with VIMpay and it works smoothly. It is a free solution with no monthly fees.
The watch straps cost from €69. If you first open a VIMpay account and then buy the watchstraps, you will receive a 20% discount.
Both the VIMpay app and the Curve app work on my watch. I cannot yet say whether it also works on A8 and A9.
All in all, it’s a solution that works perfectly for me.


Thankyou for illustrating how well the solution works. I am interested to discover the company has an optional extention to attach a Tesla key to the same solution.

All my dreams are being realised in one device!

Now all that is covetted is the absence of skimming scammers, or a neatly fitting chainmail glove in the case of the ring (not the watch band) and a local bank in my country to take up a partnership with Tapster.

I am sure it will eventually arrive here. Till then another heartfelt thanks for passing on the information and your experience with it.


Right now, there’s an easter Promotion on Tapster. 20% off by using the promo-code EBT20.

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Really interesting!
Do the straps connect to the watch via bluetooth?

No, they aren’t.
The straps are actually the same as an NFC-enabled bank card, without their own power supply.
But if the watch is connected to the internet, you’ll get a notification about every single payment.