Twrp and root for kospet vison

Hi, I requested twrp in the relevant section some months back but don’t believe I ever received a pm and nothing seems to be posted in the twrp thread regarding the vision .

Does anyone know if twrp and root exists for the vision?
Thanks, Steve.

@iscle, have you got it ready for him yet?

If it is only for root read my post here:

It works on my Kospet without a problem.


Have you managed to gain permanent root by using other utilitys once temp root was achieved?

I would like to get permanent root and twrp on my watch, root is desirable for me in all devices I own but also the backup and restore that twrp gives :slight_smile:

@Steve_Fox, I found out today that kospet has changed their firmware section and now the firmware for the vision is available as well ( I downloaded it and have now ported twrp for you (ported it from the one coming with prime_v2.3):


  1. flash with sp flash tools in download only mode
  2. copy magisk manager to the watch and install
  3. use magisk manager to download
  4. reboot to twrp with the command “adb reboot recovery”
  5. install / flash the

Thank you!
I haven’t been on here for quite some time and have only just found out you have done that, I really appreciate it and will get straight on it tomorrow as its almost 2am now and I’m in bed grr.

Once again, thanks!!!

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