You need temporary root? Read this

Hi board,

Here to inform you about a little utility that can give you root on (possibly any) mediatek android watch.

More here on XDA developers:

Download the file (I got virus warning but it is FALSE!)
You need adb connection with your watch
Unzip the mtk-su binary file from the arm folder
Transfer it to your watch: adb push mtk-su /data/local/tmp/
Open shell to your watch: adb shell
Change folder: cd /data/local/tmp
Change permissions on file: chmod 755 mtk-su
Run file: ./mtk-su

23:07:18,06> adb shell
Hope Lite:/ $ cd /data/local/tmp
cd /data/local/tmp
Hope Lite:/data/local/tmp $ ./mtk-su
UID: 0 cap: 3fffffffff selinux: permissive
Hope Lite:/data/local/tmp #

If you succeed your will get root access to your watch in the shell.

Please leave a comment if you failed or succeed.