Two initial questions

MY Android developer skills are at least 5 years old, so please bear with me. i just got the watch and have two initial questions. How do I edit Clockskin watch faces to remove fields I do not want to see? The boot animation sound is too loud. Do I need root to change the animation or remove it?

Clockskin faces can be opened and edited with WatchFaceDesigner, for example. You can find WFD using the search function. Please note that revised watchfaces may not be published without the permission of the original designer.
If you put the watch in quiet mode before shutting it down, the watch will be silent when it starts up.


Thanks. Will WatchFaceDesignerwork on rectangular watch faces, as that is the one i want to modify? Did not know about Quiet mode option, but will look for it.
Can you boot successfully without the bootanimation file?

Square and rectangular faces can be edited using WFD . As for boot image its a no without root

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Yes, WFD also works for rectangular watchfaces.

You’ll find the silent Mode in the quick settings. The icon in the upper left corner is for silent mode. I always recommend getting used to the watch first and not thinking about changes to the software first …

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I’m not sure, but I can’t see any reason for trying it either. The sound and animation are in separate files and you do indeed need root access to change either of them

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Thanks for more clarifications. I will try to edit the clockface next. i was not planning on rooting or installing TWRP, for a while.

Edited ClockSkinRR028 without really knowing what i was doing. Will have to look for a video with instructions.

I am getting some notifications pushed from my IPhone. Can anyone tell me why i am only getting a vibration but no tone? I have quiet mode turned off.

Goto quicksettings. The upper right icon is for chosing normal, vibraton or silence.

I have eight quickset icons, arranged 2,4,2. The upper right nexct to the quiet mode icon is looks like a circke inside a circle with four segments which can be illuminated.

My mistake. I’m talking about the icon in the top left.

The icon in the upper left is the quiet mode icon. which is on or off. The music widget says 8. My build is V2.5_2020710.

The sleep mode has three levels. normal, vibration and silence. Select normal to receive notifications.

Where is the control for that? Are you running a stock or custom ROM?

maybe it’s something in the wiiwatch settings that’s causing it to only vibrate

Perhaps. would going to a custom ROM fix this? Off course I could delete the sound file on it.

well, there is no custom rom available for it, and regarding whether it would help or not, I’m not sure

All right. How do I root the watch, so i can remove the bootanimation sound file? Use the latest Supersu?

magisk is mostly used these days (at least on these watches) and there are several ways you can go ahead to root with magisk. One way to do it is by flashing twrp first and then install magisk.
check my post here to get the right twrp version:

then go to this thread to get the stock firmware(top post for non D version, or last post for D version):


  1. install magisk manager (
  2. through magisk manager, download
  3. transfer the stock boot image to a folder on the watch
  4. flash twrp to both the recovery and boot partition
  5. turn on the watch and it will automatically boot to twrp
  6. install the stock boot image
  7. install
  8. reboot and done