LEM T Reviews and FAQs

First off - sorry @promethian but I am hijacking your post slightly to add updated firmware :slight_smile:

These versions are hot off the press and fix the Google errors and some other bits and pieces.
They will also appear as OTAs soon, if not already - but just in case they don’t - I’m adding them here.
These new editions are mostly to fix the recent google issues as I said, so we have included the updated GMS.
However - you might find some other improvements in there that the 2 brands have added.
We don’t have any information about what these extras may be, because as usual there are no change logs included.
These updates are for the 3+32 versions.
If you have the 1+16 version or are in any doubt at all for either model - just flash the system partition only.
Use the “download only” option in flash tool and factory reset.
If you have a LEM T or a Ticwris Max this firmware can be flashed as a whole on both/either watches. As long as you choose firmware upgrade option in SP Flash tool.
Your data will be wiped!
You must be sure about your version to do this and have a working “previous” firmware to go back to if anything goes wrong!

I’m adding a set of updated tools as well - just the auto installer for MTK drivers and a clean new version of the SP flash tool.
Please have a look at YouTube if you have any doubts about how to flash.
There are so many “how to” videos available including the ones on our channel - even though they are a little old now - the method is the same…

I will also mention that lately some users report that Anti Virus solutions or something seems to be quarantining some files in the firmware folder.
Notably the Tee partition file which is called trustzone.bin in the image folder.
If you load the scatter file and there are no errors then great! But if you get an error about missing items - this is the reason. False positives.
Take the necessary action to proceed because you must have all files to flash full firmware!
Again, if in doubt just flash the system image.

Updated tools - 7zip application included:

LEM T branded firmware v2.0:

Ticwris Max branded firmware v1.9:

That’s it for now - until next update.

Following my initial review in the opening topic, this is a short term review of living with the LEM T for a few days.

  1. Wear and band.
    Surprisingly the item is reasonably comfortable to wear. The Band is made of firmer material compared to the LEM X. The band is supposedly not interchangeable and this certainly looks to be the case as the bands are shaped to fit the lower body of the watch and I can see no obvious method of removal without investigation.
    The watch body is metal alloy( I have the black version) and seems very well constructed. Is it really IP67? who knows and I will not be exposing it to too much water just in case.

  2. Sound and Microphone pickup.
    Sound levels are similar to the LEMX/LEM4 and are suitably loud enough to hold a conversation in a noisy street outside. The mic pickup also similarly suited.

  3. Battery and Charging.
    I used the watch for over 3 days before I needed to recharge. This was with WiFi and Mobile operational.(Not GPS or bluetooth.) as well additional apps such as Messenger lite, GMX email, Google Chrome and Pulse sms.
    The charger/data transfer also connects to the body of the watch with a non standard connector as shown below.

  1. Mobile Use.
    Connects to 4g with no problem(Better signal level than LEMX). Voice and data connections are good.

  2. Wifi.
    Connects ok but looks to have a lower signal level than the LEMX.

  3. Screen and resolution.
    The visible screen size is 2.8" and is massive in smartwatch terms… The resolution is excellent.
    This truly is a smartwatch where you can fully use all of the resources with ease.
    I have not experienced any portions of a page which are not accessible on this screen.


{{{{{{{{{{{{{With all settings to default the screen resolution of the basic watch is good…however!
3rd party apps use a smaller proportion of the available screen than the preloaded apps… :frowning: This is very disappointing. Can anything be done about this?

Camera App

Chrome screen image

I would estimate that 3rd party apps use 25% less of the screen than pre-loaded apps. Why is this… ???}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

  1. Clock faces.
    There are only a few poor clock-faces loaded onto the watch. All of the Lemfo online clock-faces are round… but can be loaded. I have also tried a LEM4 pro face and this can be used. But there needs to be more square watch-faces available.

When I try out the GPS and bluetooth more fully I will append this review.

Conclusions so far.

Since the LEM4 pro, I have been waiting for LEMFO to update the idea with a great screen-size.
This watch is exactly what I had been hoping for. Well done LEMFO.


Thanks for the great update . Appreciated

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Thank you for this useful contribution.:+1:


btw, create face requests if you don’t feel like toying around too much with WFD

I have not seen any apps use a smaller screen size. ive downloaded a ton of apps too. Several of gamelofts biggest games, real racing, bullet force, firefox, Pulse sms, spotify, youtube vanced, aerofly FS, Ganstar 4 Messenger lite, solid explorer pro, OG Instagram, New instagram, weather underground, and many others. All these app work absolutley flawlessy full screen. You may need to go to settings -> third-party apps adapter-> and enable that setting. although i have mine set to off. I tried turning it on but didnt notice anything changing. Also, all these games work on max settings. and the frame rates are great!!! this watch has utterly blown me away.


Hi hmmm that’s interesting, I suspect something has gone awry when I installed one of my apps. I have already toggled the 3rd party apps adapter setting, with no effect.
I notice you have pulse sms installed, can you send me a image of your watch with pulse on screen?
I may have to do a reset, then find out which app is causing this effect.

Uploading: Screenshot_20190924-004548.png… Uploading: Screenshot_20190924-005202.png… Uploading: Screenshot_20190924-004505.png… Uploading: Screenshot_20190924-004535.png…

Thankyou. @MiniNuke I needed to do a complete system reset and this fixed the error.
I have reloaded most apps on the watch and the resizing has not re-occurred, so maybe something strange was set in the watch before delivery? Strange one… but maybe leaving this experience here could help someone else.

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I made my own screen protector and cut it on the watch itself with a sharp razor blade. In the videos you will see its almost perfect. After I get it stuck on in a humid room with the shower running to kill dust, I just use a lighter to melt the edges carefully.

But this watch is simply incredible.
It literally does everything my OnePlus 7 pro does. I haven’t ran into any thing that it cannot do.
I have some apps in that drive folder. The one I highly highly recommend is Fluid. It makes your watch so much easier to navigate. It makes it like a real android phone if you set it up that way. I can screenshot the settings i use for it if anyone wants it. Let me know if anyone has any questions about this watch as i could not be more happier with my purchase. This thing is simply incredible compared to other watches. The google gestures app allows you to search for ''ACC" to find accessibility settings. In the developer options I have stay away on, usb debugging on, and all three animation scales off (Just makes the watch faster). But i would highly advise not to mess with any other settings in here unless you know how to re flash your watches firmare as you can make your touches not line up with you screen. I haven’t had this happen on this watch rather on others.

Does anyone have the firmware for this watch yet?
Has anyone rooted this watch yet?
I was able to delete some useless stock apps using powershell on my PC. If anyone wants to know how.

Also, Post your favorite apps to use.


Hi, are the accessibility settings for FNG staying on after phone is rebooted or do they toggle back to Off? Thanks.

I have update edited my thread starter review a little to update info.
I like the screen protector you have made, I will try this when I get some material.

I agree, this is a brilliant watch, its all I was hoping for and more.
I saw the app fluid on the video and it looks cool and I will try it out, this seems to do away with all the extra volume control and brightness apps I have seen in the past. (I would be interested in the settings screen shots if you want to post them on your drive.)(also how to delete stock apps using powershell info.)

I have not seen any examples of firmware in the wild as yet. Lemfo support contacts are on this page and may help if you need it. The LEM T has not made it officially on this page yet.

An App that I use you may find useful is GMX mail. This email program is highly configurable. You can set sync polling times from 1 min to 1 hour. It also allows notification sound and vibrate settings and quiet times.

Oh just an observation. If you tap Android version in About Watch 3 times, the factory test program will come up. ( I havnt noticed this on any other LEMFO watches.)

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I just took delivery today - and just this evening , a new firmware update was available

KERNEL Version 4.4.22+
Thu Sept 19, 11:58:39 CST 2019

Build Number


Not seeing this update yet… is yous a 3/32 model?

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YES my Lemfo LEM T is the 3GB RAM /32GB ROM version - from Lemfo official store @ AliExpress

I enabled the Wi-FI ( no SIM card yet), and within the 1st hour of operation , I checked the System area for any available over the air updates - it reported nothign for 1st 45 minutes but i rechecked and then and got a pop up message "Updates available’ and I downloaded it , then installed the new firmware


KERNEL Version 4.4.22+
Thu Sept 19, 11:58:39 CST 2019

Build Number

Runs very fast - Battery lasts nearly 3.5 days


Still not seeing this update… can someone post this update file so I can do a local update please?

Yes please! I will try and make a new post on deleting system apps with powershell when I get home. It’s literally just following a video I found. But making a new post… people may have questions.
Inside this google drive link, i am currently uploading a folder called “Delete system apps”
Open the text file to get the youtube link as well as the downloads (which the youtube link has) and the commands typed out to delete them using powershell.

Also, Does anyone know how to change the units to imperial on the walk, run, bike… monitor section

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This makes navigating the LEM T so so eazy. Edit it how you like.


I might make this an FAQ thread because it gets so confusing having multiple places to navigate.
Anyway, you will all be happy to know that our developer @iscle has made a custom recovery and it works perfectly. He is going to enlarge the font and then it will be released to all.

I have been testing the watch for a couple of weeks and it is extremely good for playing games and the battery life is fantastic.

A tip for anyone who takes the OTA mentioned in previous posts.
You MUST perform a full factory reset after the update or you will get bugs!!
It is the same for ALL watches.

If you have not got the Sept 19th OTA - here is the full update

Lemfo decided to remove the GPS functionality from the fitness app :frowning:
If you flash this version or take OTA and you find GPS fitness app has been replaced - please feel free to use this add on app.
You will end up with 2 fitness apps but at least you will have a choice.


Video of Nintendo 64 emulator graphics quality. It’s not a great video but I think it demonstrates how good the screen resolution is.
Games are running perfectly!


Thanks a ton for the update! Excited for twrp!
I can attest to what pablo11 said above.

Watch the videos in this drive folder to see for yourself.
This watch can run every app my OnePlus 7 pro can with good frame rates. It’s just insane for a watch. Let us know if anyone has questions regarding this watch below.


I have the sim card metal plate removed in these photos.

VID_20191004_105431.mp4 (9.5 MB)
VID_20191004_105355.mp4 (7.0 MB)

In the photos I you might have noticed the screen edgest look weird. But I have a DIY screen protector. Which is great and almost perfect. My second attempt should be a lot better. Matte finish… Fingerprints hardly show and they wipe off very easily.

Every time you go home and then to the watch face, or just turn on the watch, there is like 10 fingers moving this fluid around. It’s sick!! Also, the LEMT can do several finger multitouch. Pretty much as many fingers as you can fit it will register them perfectly accurate unlike the LEM 10.

I Deleted most stock apps through powershell on my pc including the new Lemfo app store that only had 4 apps in it like YouTube.
Looking to root this soon.

This app is in the drive folder called Fluid gesture navigation.
It literally makes this watch like a tiny Android 10 phone. You can pull down the status bar and change wifi, brightness, Bluetooth, ECT without going into settings. You can make volume changes so easily, open Google assistant!!!, go to recent app scroller, go home, go back, switch between last app, go back, and many other cool things. Look at the my picture I made of my settings. This setup is absolutely perfect and flawlessly fast.

I do not have this connected to my Verizon here in Missouri USA. But I will try and put my sim card in it today.

There is a new firmware update that new Lem T’s get sent out with. But I don’t have it yet. If anyone has this firmware please share. I need to ask Lemfo for it.

I literally have nothing to say bad about about it. Except I can’t figure out how to change to imperial units on the exercise stuff.

It’s literally Over powered. I have yet to see the battery get below 70% wearing it all day with greenify, Bluetooth connected, and location on… It’s just nuts

This watch is the same exact size as a pixel XL 2 (69.7mm) width, which is the same size as most phones. Just plop your phone perpendicular on your wrist and see if you think it’s too big.
It does not restrict wrist movement due to the curved back.

It’s size is honestly not bad. You can twist it so the watch is facing your body in places that you don’t want it to be noticeable. It’s almost winter time so long sleeves completely hides it…

Here’s the link I bought mine. Ordering the black metal one thru this link comes with the red button which is sick! Maybe ask for the red button in the comments when ordering just to help make sure you get it hopefully! It came in like a week and a half to Missouri. Maybe two weeks. It was fast. It came with these Bluetooth earpods. They work flawlessly on this watch. Bluetooth on this watch works perfectly, even transferring Internet thru Bluetooth from my phone’s PdaNet works perfectly.
US $149.99 50%OFF | DM100 2.86 inch Smart Watch 3GB + 32GB Android 7.1 4G GPS WiFi Smart Watch Men SmartWatch with Camera 2700mAh Battery