Ticwris Max S vs lokmat appllp

Want to buy one of these but before choosing want to know is it worth to spend 200$ on lokmat or ticwris max S (140$) works great?
If you have better model suggestion would love to see your suggestions
Want to know from someone who uses these watches
P.S thnx for responding :grin:

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Ticris Max S all the way . Its superb

It has FAW option?
And it’s ok that watch is working on android 7?

Yes . It works really well on A7.1.1 . There is a possibilty of the FAW firmware being released for this watch but unconfirmed as yet .

You know any trusted website where I can buy?

I would buy from Kospet direct or Aliexpress . If you do buy one check this out

Oh so it belongs to kospet didn’t know that

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As I know you have one right?can you tell about
Battery life?pls :grin:

Of course . Build quality its very premium feel . Battery with all radios on is superb . I use for running and most of these watches you cannot without causing moisture damage . For example ( bt , sim , wifi , screen always on , location on ) . 1.5 hr run . From 100% to 70% on battery . Use MRA for sports.
No issues

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Can u guide on choosing screen size
As I see there is Ticwris max and Max s
Wanna know is worth to take big size or it uses too much battery?

Max is huge Max S is comfortable

Lemfo lem T is the same watch?

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The Ticris Max S / Kospet note is the same watch :+1:

Lol in china holiday in AliExpress noone responds guess I have to wait till monday
By the way is there any waych like ticwris but with less borders???

No, sorry.

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Guess there is no need to see new models upcoming? :grin:

No new watches in the next month, sorry. We’ll talk about in this case.

It’s Chinese New Year. Not much happens in 2-3 weeks.
Be patient. If you buy something it will go to you very slowly.

Is it worth to wait to see new models? Or all will be the same borders?
And one more thing lokmat doesn’t have small screen version?I watched some review ppl say ticwris screen resolution and quality is better than lokmat what do you think?

Sorry for bothering I just want to be sure that I am buying good smartwatch