Ticwris MAX S and KOSPET Note firmware thread-UPDATED

Thanks @G1NT0N1C
There is no shortcut to getting level 2 membership and it is for good reason.
No exceptions will be made.


Can someone point me in the direction of the requirements to reach trust level



I made some skins for my MAX S
Rectangular Watchfaces for TICWRIS MAX S and DM101
Unfortunately, testing the skins required charging my MAX S constantly, which caused the battery to fail - the battery “swollen” and pushed the screen out.
In connection with my problem, I have a question for my dear colleagues: have any of you come across offers of batteries for MAX S or DM101 on AliExpress?

You can ask on the Kospet Aliexpress store.
They have the battery for this model

After all that, you send me a request to download firmware from the level 2 member download section :flushed:

I don’t even know how you accessed the download link, but seriously…??

Don’t get me wrong.
It’s not just you, this happens regularly and it is driving us nuts.


I ask Kospet a battery for this model and yes they have it : but unfortunately after put an order they told me that they cannot send it because refused by the airplane transport company. Same problem with many models…

I’m sorry. The link was public in a post here that I found. I thought it was public. So I clicked it. I bookmarked it. I was going to buy the watch but I’m not going to live with the stock Android on it because I was burned by the bad restrictive firmware on that s999 so bad. Only bought the s999 because it had better hardware that every other rectangle watch that I could find. I flashed the s999 successfully but id rather have less restrictive firmware on a watch that won’t fall off my wrist next time.

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This is the post. Rectangle smartwatch - #16 by nuke


Thank you. We’ve searched it for a long time. Link removed.

You’ll reach trustlevel 2 soon if you stay activ. It’s just a matter of time.


No problem. Thanks!


Yep, thanks and apologies for being stroppy about it.
As @G1NT0N1C said, we have been looking for the link that has been hiding here for a while now.
Thanks for finding it :+1:


Glad I could contribute something to help the operation run a little smoother. :slight_smile: and I appreciate what you guys are doing here. I was thinking no one would ever put together an operation to help take the sting out of the troublesome software this hardware was suffering from. Has anyone unlocked the bootloader on the max s using mtktools?