Ticwris MAX firmware


Hi pablo11,

I noticed you listed some firmware versions ‘D’, ‘W’ and ‘1.9’ versions for the Ticwris Max. Does it matter or will it cause problems flashing either one on our devices. I ordered a watch from Aliexpress and one from Gearbest (Ticwris Store). They both came with or was upated to ‘TICWRIS_MAX_V1.9_20200713_20200712_072642’. Will flashing ‘TICWRIS_MAX_V2.0_20200905D’ cause any issues?

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Different screen types.
It is possible that you may not be able to use the screen if you get it wrong.
I don’t believe there is any point in flashing the firmware because the only difference between them is the screen type.

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Oh ok. Thanks.

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@ Big Bro pablo11,How can i know, mine is which one…W…D or without those specs…It is not mentioned ion on box or soft version.
Millions thanks in advance Best regards.

How did you know my secret porn star name? :joy:

But seriously, you just need to record your current firmware version.
Go to the watch Settings and then “About Watch” and the version of firmware should be the last bit of information on the list.

Let me know what it is and I will see what I can do.


Big bro!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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:joy::joy::joy: Sorry, very bad behaviour :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Bro :sweat_smile:

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Steady on @Dr_Andy_Vishnu


Hello, mine version says

so, this is latest firmware version in my case or we got new firmware which i can flash to my DM100 ?

Thank you in advance :innocent:

@Asmil Hi mate,
Just curious but why do you need to flash the firmware?
Is there a problem with the watch?
I don’t think there is anything more up to date than the firmware I have already posted.
But I will check the firmware server in China and see what I can do.

So was yours branded Ticrwis or Lemfo or Domiwear?

Did you buy it as a DM100 or a Max or LEM T…?

Well i bought DM100 from Tomtop by coming through “SmartWatch Ticks” Youtube channel. I liked TICWRIS MAX more but had to settled on DM100 but after “SmartWatch Ticks” suggestion i flashed it with Ticwris firmware to get the Ticwris firmware look and face id.

He sent me here for flashing related help and i flashed my watch from " LEM T Reviews and FAQs - LEMFO Products / LEMFO LEM T - Full Android Watch" section.

Like to be sure that i have latest Ticwris firmware which i flashed that’s why i asked about the version to be sure :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll have a look but you have to be careful about different types of screen.
You don’t seem to have a letter after the version number so I will have a look for the original screen version

And just prey that nothing goes wrong because TomTop has a very bad reputation for customer service.

I always advise that people buy from official brand stores… For this reason.


With the help of G1NT0N1C i found correct version for my smartwatch i.e TICWRIS_MAX_V1.0_20200921W_20200922_011504 . So, i guess i have W version of screen type.

Actually, shipping was not available from many other websites to my country so i have to settle on Tomtop but till now watch working great just Simcard not detecting which is due to IMEI number not accepting in my country.

Rest all good mate. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s good to know about shipping :+1:
I think this is the latest version of the W firmware.

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if you search with google how to change the IMEI, you will surely find it. But we cannot help with this as it is not legal in many countries.

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I can understand mate. :slightly_smiling_face:

pablo11 grettings has mr ticks says. Will this firmware update come to ticwris max and lemfo lem 11. And bitting a cable each time i received and email notification from this community hopping its the update for at least the ticwris max.