The Kospet PRIME Official post

This is an exciting new product and I know there has been a lot of misinformation going around - but here is the real deal.
Huge battery and Face Unlock supported and functional !!
I don’t need to go into a lot of detail because the images explain it all.
These specs were only officially released a few days ago - so this is hot off the press.
There is no wireless charging and no NFC - despite some crap advertising from other locations.
Spec sheet is attached here as well.
There is no flat tyre on this screen.
Straps are removable and yes - the battery size is for real.
I STRONGLY advise you to take the 3+32 version for full voice control.
Early orders will get a cheaper watch as always when Banggood and Gearbest have their promotions.
Watches will be sent out soon after the beginning of next week when the Chinese national holiday is over.

Latest update now available. Unfortunately due to many different reasons I have no change log…
Patched boot and twrp are not in this file but are in the previous zip below. Use 7zip to extract this.
Again, due to many reasons I have not tested this yet. If you have any problems extracting etc - please let me know.

Latest firmware with option to flash TWRP recovery and patched boot image (if you know what you are doing)

New firmware released for April 2020
Sadly I have no change log again. I just check the guy’s firmware server and there was this new version 1.7_B.
Download here and use 7zip to extract to prevent errors.


Here The full specs of the new Kospet Prime, some websites said that Kospet Prime will come with NFC, but that not true.

EDIT - link no longer needed.

removable straps?

yes, the strap is removable

I’d try here first.

This watch is sick!!! Cant wait for it. Its placing other full android watches far bechind.


I’m not sure about it. Sure it has a bigger battery but the screen is bigger as well (screen off time will be def better tho). Performance wise it has the same chip and ram as the others.


Larger screen but lower resolution than Optimus Pro so the screen shoud be eating the battery around the same

I don’t understand why they keep releasing new models without any significant hardware upgrade…Is it some kind of mantra in China?

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This watch is a big step forward regarding the battery ? Big screen with no flat tyre will appeal to many . I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this .


i could do without that ugly camera bulk (and without the cameras too)
never the less I’m getting one.
any idea when it might be available?

All we know for now is before the end of october :+1:

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for sure getting one finally bigger display and decent resolution.

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For certain this watch will attract more attention than the kospet optimus did before its release


Good morning everyone,

I read news about a new watch model by Kospet called Kospet Prime.
Here you should find the specs:
It seems to be the ultimate full Android smartwatch featuring among other goodies round form factor, NFC, double camera, large 1.6" screen with good 400x400 resolution and an ultra large 1260mah battery. I’m looking forward to hear news and reviews about it.
Any thought?

The specs are not true . Confirmed


Too good to be true. Any preview of the real specs?

We do not even confirm that there will be a model with this name.:wink:


Nope, not going there…

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