The cursing watchface, rectangular


Please notice: This face needs UL. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to realize it for stocklauncher, too.
Schould work for all launchers on earth… :wink:

You have to choose 12h mode in the watchsettings to make this face work.

Download: - Google Drive


I loved this idea of watch face. I downloaded the round one, but I also made one in Romanian only for me.

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Wow, that’s cool! If you’ve used parts of my face- feel free to publish it, I’m fine with it!


Thank you but is not the case.

I just checked it out. Romanian dials are clearly underrepresented in this forum so far… :wink:

I’d just made a 1st test. Maybe I can publish a stocklauncher version. I will try.


Thank you @G1NT0N1C

I would love the SL edition, I haven’t yet needed UL on the rectangular formfactor, as I use it with Nova Launcher, more like a smartphone, and then I start the SL from an icon when I want to have a watchface running. I just click power, and then I’m back in Nova Launcher when I want to run an app :ok_hand:

Should work now for all launchers. Please let me know if I’m right. Enjoy

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Thank you @G1NT0N1C it works and I enjoy it :+1:


Heaven, I’m in heavennnn :notes::musical_score::musical_note:


Hahaha! I’m glad that you like it!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks really cool . :+1:

That is a piece of chance, I ask for last week on a facebook group and you upload one this week end…
Many thanks, i will try it this evening.

Yes, it is actually a coincidence. I made a vow never to use Facebook. :grin:

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No one hates facebook as much as me :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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There is one. That’s me!

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I want it for my kp2

It does exist as a round face so you only need to make a search for it

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There is an round version for Universal Launcher. It will work for any screen resolution.
And there is a stocklauncher version. It needs 400x400 px screen, so it will not work on the Kospet Prime 2.
@Armen_Tangyan Are you using stocklauncher or UL?


Stock luncher