The cursing watchface, rectangular

Ok, in this case there isn’t any file that will work for you at the moment. I have found a solution to make it work on any screen, but I haven’t create a round version of this for now.

Bro do you know where I can find watchface related to anime?

No, this is not my area of expertise. Sorry.

Is there application in playstore where you can choose watchfaces?

U know any websites where I can download watchfaces?

For example- here???


I found something today when it was 12h25 (noon) the watch show two twenty five.
Am I the only one ???
Wy watch is set to 12h mode

I’ll check later.:+1:

I tried downloading this and every time I download it and go to open the file at tells me I can’t open this file how do I fix this

I will make a pic tomorow to show you

I’ve already checked, you are right. I hope I will find some time this weekend to fix it.

I’ve checked the link. It works fine.

Here it is taken at 12h03 today

As I mentioned before, I noticed this mistake. I’ll fix it if I find some time.

Link is updated. Should work now…

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Thanks a lot guy, I tell you if work good :wink:

Thanks. It should work. For both stock launcher and universal launcher. If there are devices that display at 12:00 10:00 (theoretically possible), please let me know. I would then revise the file again to make the watchface universal.

Sorry for late answer, works well; thanks a lot

Good news! I’m glad that you like it.:blush:

There is no skin like this for round watch?