Tap to light up screen?

Hello, I have not found a built in function of L" tap to light up screen" on my Kospet Optimus 2 watch, is it because I have not found it in settings? or I have to download an app for it?

This is not in the stock firmware . However it is a feature of the faw firmware


I see,
I thought this model of Kospet Optimus 2 watch are selling like crazy in many countries, it is simply so Conveniently smart just on your wrist, now I can get DIDI ride directly from my wrist , this is simply amazingly convenient!

@Brian_Jang have you updated to the FAW RC1 firmware for the Optimus 2?

I apologise, I just noticed that you are not level 2 member just yet.

Well, when you get there - you will be very happy :+1:

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Hi, not yet, I have just not got the time to do so, will do it soon, I am planning to get another watch Lemofo LEM 15 , after I get the new watch, I will update firmware on one of them for sure.

All right, I will try to get to level 2

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You will not regret it :handshake:

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Hello Pablo,

How are you doing?

can I get the FAW firmware now? I don’t know whether or not I have become the “level 2” member, I am planning to buy another full androind watch, probably Kospet Optimus 2 again, to use the FAW firmware on it, I am a Google fan who can not let google (assistant) leave my body( wrist) for even 1 minute,( except when I am at home where my home system is all controlled by Google assistant, Google home, speaker, chromecast,Google TV etc), so the FAW firmware Full android watch Kospet Optimus 2 should probably the best for a person like me, !!

Looking forward to your reply! thanks

You need to be level 2 for good reasons.
It is not just a simple matter of installing the FAW firmware and everything will be roses and sunshine…
You need to have a reasonable understanding of how these things work.
A good understanding of what is needed to flash firmware with flash tools, just in case you need to go back to stock firmware.
All these things are important and unfortunately you are not quite there yet…

As you can see, you are still level 1.


I see, thanks

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Don’t worry @Brian_Jang
I’m sure you will get to level 2 before the new Optimus 2 arrives if you want to :handshake::+1:

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Hello…seasoned user here. Not sure how I get to level 2? Just make some posts? I am able to flash my device with ease…I have root and twrp installed on stock rom.

About trustlevel 2:

-Official Support thread for LEM14 - #361 by G1NT0N1C

Thanks for the heads up…quite a serious level of trust required. Lol

Than you sir.

Sorry but I don’t understand what you are talking about? It’s not very complicated. Most members have trustlevel 2 or higher.
But yes, it takes at least 15 days.

Thanks for letting me know, just not used to that level of trust required afore killing my devices. Lol

Same rule applies to all.
It’s not about trust.
It’s about people understanding the process, risks and taking a little time to get used to the forum as well.
It only takes a short time, so it’s not exactly ball breaking…lol.

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