Smartwatch Charging - Kospet Prime

UPDATE3: Finally, after 80 hours (+13 mins), my watch got switched off.

@Dotsfar - Sorry bro… read your message just now but the watch is switched off.


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Is the charger covered under warranty for the Kospet Prime? I bought mine from Gearbest and have had it for just over a month and the charger stopped working yesterday. Luckily I ordered a backup charger I planned on keeping at work, but just thought I would ask. I know it’s not much for a new one but wondered if they would replace it after a month. Thanks.

It could be simply the charging pins or connector points on watch need cleaning ? Very common with sweat etc . Use a very small amount of alchol . Usually works . Thanks

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Thanks for the reply. The backup charger I bought works fine with the watch and I switched the wires and still no luck on the original charger. I think it’s a goner. I’ll probably just order another backup just in case.

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someone here said before that you can remove the rubber from the bottom of the cradle and unscrew it, then prop up the pins from inside for better contact with a makeshift wedge, and then screw the bottom back on and cover with the rubber. Haven’t tried it yet since my charger still works, but when it goes, i will try that hack.


Sorry for reply a bit late, with my Kospet Prime I have to charge at least 2 times at day and I have disabled gps but enabled bluetooth and wifi (probably I should disable wifi) and also pedometer disabled too.

I will try disabling google sync.

@irohunk my Kospet prime and if you charge smartwatch not turned off it really gets hot and a warning message will appear so as @Dr_Andy_Vishnu turn it off.

@mdw95 here you can get a charger cheap, I don’t know how much will it cost in gearbest or other places but as a alternative I have bookmarked just in case my charger wouldn’t work fine because doesn’t fit fine plugging it.

How is that of bluetooth thethering? Can I call with bluetooth? I tried procedure from @Mixmaxmux and @rcappa and I wasn’t able to make it work, am I missing any permission or something? I installed 43 version and made it default.

Regards and thanks

Thanks for the link. That’s where I ordered my backup charger. I ordered one the same time I ordered the watch with plans to use it at work but the original died in less than a month. The backup is still working but the charger design is lacking. It can take 10 minutes just to situate it right to get it connected.

My battery can last two days with bluetooth and wifi enabled and that usually includes at least one 30-40 minute run tracked with GPS. I find my battery drops fastest when my mobile signal is weak on the watch, usually when I’m downstairs in my house. It would probably only last a day if the signal is always weak.

@mdw95 Then the only difference is google synchronization, I have just disabled but smartwatch at 15% of battery but I must say that even if I disabled pedometer, google synchronization and gps I’m running 3 notification apps, Always on Amoled, Always on Edge and Edge Mask:

  1. Always on Amoled I use this one to manage not lock screen but the screen in Xiaomi that is like if phone would sleeping so I configured a nice watch with battery and icons and also manage edge brighting notificacions.

  2. Always on Edge This one I was using to manage all edge brighting but some incompatibilities issues between all apps made me configure only when I play music and charge phone edge brighting

  3. Edge Mask This app is unstable in the sense that I need to restart phone if I don’t have it running in background, it can also manage edge bright but the other 2 previous are much better so this one I use to configure samsung notifications (you can configure to get apple notifications or ripples customizations and every notifications message you can customize no matter if samsung, iOS or ripple or if you have 3 at the same time XD).

It was funny because yesterday I had to reinstall in the phone Always on Edge and music player because Always on Edge wasn’t detecting music so it wasn’t brighting.

Another interesting thing is that if I exit in last place in the phone from Always on Amoled, that will be the app that will manage the sleeping screen while if I make any change to Always on Edge and don’t modify Always on Amoled, as it’s the last app saved configuration, the sleeping screen will be Always on Edge but which is more funny is that if I’m using Always on Amoled sleeping screen and I press unlock button and press again, the screen will change to lock screen and from there to Always on Edge sleeping screen XD. Both, Always on Amoled and Always on Edge have watches to configure but the one I like the most is Always on Edge, I promise videos when I be able to get a shortcut to new windows terminal which is amazing :slight_smile:

Well, I have all these apps in smartwatch that will be consuming lot of battery and also with watch droid I have configured multimedia notifications and every song music player plays I get a notification lol :smiley:


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Hi, as I promised here is the video of smartwatch as I have configured:

  1. This is video smartwatch link when it’s unlocked:

  2. This is video smartwatch link when it’s locked:

  3. These are phone photos and videos:

I couldn’t record Edge Mask notification pop ups but in smartwatch often doesn’t show (and not support even with phone from developers) and in phone appears as I configured a fine side pop up with blue background and font yellow.

I hope you enjoy it,

Today I used chronometer to see how much time lasted my battery but I started to count when I realize about it and lasted around 2:30 hours having disabled pedometer, gps, gestures (pedometer here), face unlock, no mobile signal, power saving, and I have enabled Kospet Prime for performance, background cleaner with exception for watchdroidassistant and I don’t know if I’m missing something, I get notifications with sounds, I can’t make calls (I tried installing version 48 of google phone and gave permissions but still doesn’t work with @Mixmaxmux and @rcappa posted here and here respectively) so I don’t know what to do to fix calling with bluetooth and allow battery lasts longer. My smartwatch was deteined in customs during more than a month, could affect that to battery?


So you are only getting 2.5 hrs battery ? . The chances that the battery is not working are slim . The good thing about the prime is due to the large battery you can leave things on without worrying . However usual drain is caused by -

Apps running in background permantly on
4g instead of 3g
Google sync on

I certainly wouldnt alter the performance settings .

You cannot have bluetooth calling on android 7.1.1 watches

I would check you are on the latest firmware and do a full factory reset .

@Dr_Andy_Vishnu Yes, I forgot to mention that I started to count at 70% of battery charge.

I have enabled background cleaner but allowing watchdroid assistant whitelisting (I also tried to search assistant there to connect WiiWatch 2 but it seems this app doesn’t needed and assistant doesn’t appeared listed in background cleaner so I guess is automatically excluded)

I have disabled vibration, reduced volume

I have enabled automated battery saving

I have enabled smart energy saving in…(I can’t read the rest of text no matter if I change screen mode)

I have enabled suspend after 15 seconds.

I have reduced brightness level from top to half. At what level do you have it?

Battery stats shows remaining time 4h, far away from 70h I have readed.

I don’t have 4g because I’m not using sim card and icon is greyed where other icons like bluetooth and wifi display are.

Gps disabled and also gestures (pedometer and wake with hand raising)

Can I do something else?

Well, if with all these changes, smartwatch battery life doens’t last 70 hours, I will reset.

No offence . Can i ask . Is this your first android full smartwatch ?

70hrs is a lot to ask . If this is your first watch i would slow down and start again . When you have watchdroid installed on watch and phone do not attempt to use wiiwatch . Its not upto much anyway .

If i use 3g , gps on , google sync off , bluetooth on , watchdroid i am happy to get 20hrs . I can get more .


@Dr_Andy_Vishnu Thanks a lot for your help!!

Can i ask . Is this your first android full smartwatch ?

Yes this is my first smartwatch.

When you have watchdroid installed on watch and phone do not attempt to use wiiwatch

Well, I actually use both and I don’t have problems, sometimes wiiwatch disconnects but I guess it’s because like watchdroid doesn’t have enabled whitelisted background cleaner (and it doesn’t appear in whitelist list) kospet firmware option but both are connected and I can use them without any problem :slight_smile:

Well, I have just checked watch after changes (brightness, sound volume, vibration…) and it seems that smartwatch it’s active since 5 hours ago ( I guess that chart it’s reseted each time smartwatch it’s switched on), I still have 17% of battery and forecast in that chart says remaining time 56 minutes which would make 7 working hours, and I didn’t change those settings since I switched on smartwatch so I hope next smartwatch start should be working more hours.

I have checked right now at the moment of writting that answering a a watchassistant notification, battery dropped 1%, I hope it’s not because of notification and it’s because I’m using smartwatch at this moment checking chart :laughing:

Thanks for your help :+1:

some tips & tricks

@Mark2 Thanks a lot, I checked post and except disable notifications, disable bluetooth and wifi, Disable background data (I don’t have such app in my smartwatch), I have done everything disable gps, pedometer, reduce screen bright even less than half, reduce volume half, disable vibration…

When I try to enable battery saving button, automatically auto disables it, could it be background cleaner killing the own save battery firmware app?

Battery stats recorded today 6 hoursand left 33 minutes. The curious is that most part of battery use was done by screen.with 66%.When I see more data pressing the chart I can see mobile signal, like if 4G or 3G was enabled, I will check it.

Well, at least I can use during around 6 hours but far from 70 reported from other users lol.

Thanks for your help Mark!!!

Please try this app:-
I think it might solve your problem. Some devices (not all) are trying to activate the notification LEDs. So these watches can’t fall asleep. This app needs no root and explain to your watch that there aren’t any notification LED’s to activate.


@G1NT0N1C Thanks a lot I will try it for sure. I was so desesperated that even I was disabling notifications in all apps (and I hate to do it because watchdroid notifications is so really beautifull…well I have to choose between last longer and get notifications so I think I prefer manage notifications from phone and have smartwatch to change watch faces) when smartwatch switched off (no battery left).

I also enabled gestures that makes smartwatch activate but I shake my arm in all directions and smartwatch doesn’t activate, am I doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot guys

@G1NT0N1C Hi again, I installed the app, I will tell you.

I don’t know why but this time I could enable save battery button slider, normally when I tried earlier that button to enable changed from grey to green but came back to grey again (no idea why, maybe the background cleaner killing save battery process when I enable? I didn’t see the option in background cleaner to whitelist wiiwatch 2), I RECTIFY, again I try to enable battery saving and button slider only stays some seconds in green position, then comes back to grey and smartwatch is locked…I don’t know what to do agains this, probably background cleaner? I don’t have any idea why I can enable battery saving except when battery is at 15% or 5%

I was going to disable notifications but watch droid keeps sending notifications, so I will do it to avoid notifications duplicity again, the problem is that there is nothing to disable them at all.

I also disabled notification bright screen.

I also disabled always on amoled to check if smartwatch battery lives more time but I don’t get any watch
when smartwatch screen is sleeping, I will try in thiks way.

A interesting thing is when I see more apps wasting battery are screen and bluetooth but if I press the chart I see mobile signal but I don’t have sim and I think I have it disabled…I will check it again. EDITED: I checked, and between more wasting battery apps mobile is in top at the moment, but I can’t access to mobile network adjustments, I can perfectly enter in any of the other options like gps but not in mobile networks, I tried changing screen square to circle but no luck, I’m going to try quickshortaccess accesibility settings reducing screen size. I changed size from small to one higher category and still can’t access mobile network configuration to disable it :frowning:

Thanks all for your help guys, this forum is awesome!!!

definitely try this

i am getting 50% more battery life after installing