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Since I have had many support requests regarding the Samsung Galaxy watch recently, I came up with the idea of creating one of the Samsung watch faces. Maybe we can convince some Samsung disciples of our watches if we can make them look familiar…

Credits:-Samsung Galaxy Watch - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site

Download Universal Launcher:-samsung galaxy - Google Drive

Download 5.1 stocklauncher:-samsung - Google Drive

Download 7.1 stocklauncher:-samsung - Google Drive

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Very nice and first class work mate . Perfect :+1:

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Thank you, Doc. The 2nd Version works on stocklauncher. :wink:

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Already on my prime :+1:

Btw: The weather Icon shows the moon at night and the sun at day. The stepcounter is adjusted to 10.000 steptarget. If you walk more, the hand doesn’t jump back (because this make no sense IMO). It will stay at the end until a new day starts.
The battery Icon works smooth, not in 10% steps as usual. The last 10% are displayed in red.
On UL the temperature and the temperature unit depends on the weather settings in UL settings.


Hi, @G1NT0N1C Too Good !!! , every time you come up with excellent design and great vision with hard work , thinking about every micro detail and some surprise. Thank you for sharing. :ok_hand::ok_hand::+1:


@G1NT0N1C As always top class :watch:

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Thank you, @Ameer_Salam and @mehul1. I’m glad you like it. This actually took a lot of time because I wanted to try some new solutions.


Great work!! @G1NT0N1C :ok_hand:

Many Thanks I"m in love with it :heart:

Thank you, @bricky_vl! :slightly_smiling_face:

I like it…

Since I was asked about it, here is a small addition: for a fully working weather icon with day / night change, 24h mode must be set in the watchtsettings.

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Hi brother, would you mind explaining/PMing me, about how to adjust the ANALOG stepcounter HAND at this watch? or are you just changing the image elements after using AT 12 in its xml?

This face was originally built in my smartwatch.

Yes, it is now also available as a Stockface on some watches. But I think my version is more detailed…:wink:


I KNOW your version is more detailed! No doubt about it! Awesome and THANK YOU Gin! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @Louis_Peek!:blush:

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Could you tell me how to install on my Samsung active 2 watch?



This Website is about fullandroid watches. Nothing here will work on your Samsung watch. Sorry.

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Great work., I’ll drink to that! :smiley: