Rectangle smartwatch

Want to buy rectangle smartwatch
4gb+64gb with big battery
Preferably with wired earphone possibility
Any1 got idea what to take?

There isn’t any fullandroid watch with wired earphones

Are you similar to neptune pine?
Wired condition is not must just preferable

The neptune Pixel isn’t a fullandroid watch? :wink:

For me the best rectangular watch is the Ticris Max S . Its very powerfull and premium build . Great if you are a runner also . The specs however maybe are not for you ?

Ticwris or Lokmat?

I only have the Ticris

Hi, my first post here.
I am also looking for a rectangular watch. I want to use it as supposition for phone. It would be nice to have the latest android.
What do you recommend or not recommend right now?

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Ticwris Max S updated with Android 10 firmware is the best you can get at the moment I think.


@Dotsfar is right. However, it is not possible with any full android watch to answer calls that reach the smartphone.


I’ll second that . Great choice :+1:

Where I can get Ticwris Max S with Android 10?
As I read here, I need to look for a new model

Also what do you think about:

  1. Fuche Appllp Max 4G Wifi Slimme Horloge Mannen Dual Camera Video oproepen Telefoon Hartslagmeter 4G + 64G Game Smartwatch Cp. DM101| | - AliExpress APPLLP MAX 4G
  2. KOM3 4G Internet Smart Horloge Telefoon 4Gb 64Gb Android 9.0 Gps 1.99 "Scherm Dual Camera Google play Sim kaart Sport Horloge Voor Mannen| | - AliExpress KOM3 4G

You buy the Ticwris Max S or Kospet Note with Android 7 and update the firmware with this:


Thanks for your help, I did as the forum advises.
I’m looking forward to the package.


The release of an Android 10 version of the DM101 and DM100 has been cancelled.
It is too expensive for them to produce it.

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I received my Ticwris a few days ago, from order to delivery only 8 days. bought from the official store. I don’t think it’s worth buying additional 3 protective stickers(films), the watch comes with one sticker and one extra in the box.

Watch software is up to date (v1.9.xxxx) but Android 7.1.1.
@Dotsfar, in the topic you mentioned, I only find this link to A10:
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removed, you’ll find it in the download area-

In this post:

What is the deference between stock FW and FAW?

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Perhaps better explained by our great admins, but I will try.
The stock FW is made so that it also works in the Chinese market, and thus some of it accesses alternative IP’s of services because the real one may be blocked. The FAW version has been tuned so that Google services etc works perfectly with the real intented endpoints.
(I hope I got that right)
Most of us who tried the FAW firmware have experienced a much smoother working OS, with better working Google services etc.

  1. To provide a firmware for international users who are using Google apps and syncing their Google data.

  2. To remove or replace Chinese web dependencies that were in the stock firmware (due to the great firewall)

  3. To get the best battery life possible by removing custom apps and those “just make it work” solutions.

  4. Improve security

  5. Allow Android to work as it should, without pointless task killers and similar. Battery life is significantly improved this way.


I think I will also go with the max s before I try a lem16. It’s gonna have to have a10 though lol.

@pablo11 Has anyone got a link,or a comprehensive youtube video that could explain to me how to flash the firmware on the Max s or all the steps that i would need to take to flash firmware as i have never done this before and i am a complete beginner,but we all have to start somewhere right!