Question to all watch face makers

Hello my question is to all the amazing watch face makers. I have 6 smart watches and the newest smart watch is the TicWrist Max I bought one for me and one for my wife and I haven’t found many square or rectangle watch faces here am I not looking in the right place or is it that you all don’t make many square or rectangle watch faces? Thank you all for your time Kevin.

Hi @Kevin_Stueber ., it’s true that the rectangular watches aren’t quite as popular as round ones, however, there are some interesting watchfaces for the Ticwris types here if you look around the forum using the search tool.
Here’s a link to a couple I designed a while ago.



As much as it pains me to admit it @Kevin_Stueber this Gazman’s watch faces are good! (Quick someone, give me a shot of Morphine, that WAS painful! :crazy_face:) So good in fact that he even plugs them himself (As you can see from his “Self advertising” post! :grin:) So yes, the Lad does design some passable faces…but please…I beg of you…DON"T give him even the slightest opportunity to make a PUN about anything…because if you do, the whole Forum will regret it! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, “Oh the pain”, Doons

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