Here is my new watchface - "Rectifferent"

Here is my new watch-face - “Rectifferrent”

Thought I should try a new rectangular one.
Built using WFD beta - For Stock Launcher - Android 7.1.1
Free to use for everyone on this forum.
Do not share, re-distribute or alter without permission.


Analogue Clock, Hrs, Mins, Secs, Steps Weekday, Date, Month, Year, Heart-Rate, Battery level percentage, Temperature

Touch Zones
Tap the contacts icon (white head) to open the stock Contacts app
Tap the Messages icon to open the stock Messages app
Tap the colored google logo to open the Google Voice Assistant app
Tap “settings” to open the stock Settings app.



Made some screen real estate adjustments for those who prefer this look.



Nice and usefull. Thanks for sharing!:slightly_smiling_face:

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Cheers @G1NT0N1C,

Thought I should work a little on rectangular watchfaces variety which always seem to get left behind like a poor second-cousin. :roll_eyes:


Thank you @Gazman, I like the idea of splitting the screen into different work areas. :ok_hand:
Loaded it, looks nice, but a bit smaller than screen estate. The Ticwris Max and S faces can be 533x400.


thanks! …
Glad you like it, I’ll check to see what went wrong with teh screen size, I normally do use the 533x400 so I’m not sure what happened there.
Will look at it again and upload a new edited one. cheers

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Oh, sorry, it is probably my fault.
I notice now that you also in the preview have a black outer ring. Imo that is not required, as the watch itself has black borders around the watchfaces.

Totallu unintentional, don;'t know what happened. Forgot my meds I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

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I tried a couple of times, but the modded version seems the same. Also filename provided is the same.

@Dotsfar … Try now, you should be able to get version 2 correctly this time. Sorry, my bad.

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Yes, thank you, now I got the bigger version :ok_hand:
Looks great on my Ticwris Max S.

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cheers! thanks.

Thank you.
I have installed it on Kospet Note using UL and everything is working.
Great job

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Very usefull . Thanks Gazman :+1:

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Thanks @Jugdog

Cheers @Dr_Andy_Vishnu … you’re welcome.

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Will it work on Prime 2?

The Prime 2 is round ?

Yup pretty big round :grin:

it should work, it just won’t look any good

Ok.Just want to find some unique clockskins