Problems setting up a new (To me!) Kospet Prime 2

I just bought own of these off Ebay to replace my old Lemfo LEMX. I looked high and low for another round smartwatch with a 2 inch screen, and this one seemed to fit the bill! I hope the hardware is better on the Kospet than it was on the Lemfo, but time will tell. Anyhow, I have installed Watch Droid Assistant on the watch, and updated Watch Droid Phone on my phone. My phone is a Samsung Note 20 Ultra, if that helps. I had some issues getting the initial setup done, and I got past that, but the watch will not stay connected. I have set all of the permission and battery settings I believe that need to be set, but the watch will continually connect and disconnect every few seconds. Reinstalling both apps did not help. Is there a setting I am missing? I am using the latest versions of both applications. The other problem is getting the Universal Launcher to stay set as the default launcher on the phone. Every time I hit the home button on the watch, or restart it, it asks me to choose, I choose the UL, and have also verified it in settings, but it is being stubborn! Any help would be appreciated!

That might help

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Thank you, but I checked and I have that set correctly. That worked when I had the same problem with my LEMFO, but is not working on the Kospet. I even tried turning off the battery optimization setting completely, and it still connects, then disconnects every few seconds. :thinking:

Watchdroid needs the permission for unrestricted data use on your watch.

make sure you have the latest version of UL, currently 3.6, you’ll find it in the top post in this thread: Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]

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Just updated UL to version 3.6 and I checked the data permissions. Both are as they should be. Thank you all for the suggestions. Some are things I have not checked before! :grinning:

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Well, after deleting the app data one more time (Watch Droid), it connected to my phone, and has been working ever since. Also, the universal launcher settled down and is working OK now also. I almost have it like I want it, just have to figure out how to keep the $#@! thing from vibrating! It seems to be off, but vibrated when I get a notification. Again, I am just missing a setting somewhere! So far , the watch is a little large, but I like it!

Hmm, I’m on another firmware and can’t check, but if you press and hold the power button, you should enter the power menu. Chose silence mode here.