prime hard reset

hello there,
Recently got the prime 4g from was going very well, during in developer option accidently changed the screen resolution into dual and into 4k mode. now the screen is unresponsive to apply actions only able to view calls and messages. did it occured to anyone? tried to hard reset by the home button its going only back and forth.

Have you tried to flash the firmware again?

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Can you actually see and get to the settings menu ? If so you need to peform a full factory reset . If not you will have to flash the firmware posted on this forum with a Pc

@danggu there is only one way to fix this and it is by flashing the firmware as @Dr_Andy_Vishnu has mentioned above.

This has happens almost every time someone discovers developer options and assumes that the watch is like a phone.
Unfortunately the gpu and screen are very different.

Just perform the firmware flash and everything will be fine.