Optimus Pro to hot!

Optimus Pro,

gets very hot. Can not watch video for long or internet.
Previously had the Hope 3GB 32GB now with the Optimus Pro, it is the same.
It comes constantly the message that the clock is too hot.
You can not touch her anymore, she gets so hot.
What’s going on there ?
Do you know the problem.

Many thanks

Got my Optimus Pro Yesterday. It happened the same issue: It becomes too hot when on internet. Hope some One can help

Have you both updated to the latest firmware and done a full reset afterwards ?

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Are you using WIFI for internet access or the SIM card?

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Updated to last version and performed a full wipe afterwards. Using sim card and cellular or wifi for internet. Every time the data traffic is high (4G or WIFI), the temperature of the battery raises and I got the warning that the temperature is too high. With 3G network the problem seems to be somehow reduced. Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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Email Kospet. They told me how to fix my low microphone issue. But this watch does run hot if you’re using it a lot. I mainly just use it for texts, calls, notifications… doesnt get very hot, but it does if I’m doing stuff like downloading, watching vids etc.

I remember the first 4g watches got really hot until you switched to 3g . I dont have a optimus so cannot test .
I’ll @G1NT0N1C if his is smouldering when playing a long video etc …

Thanks for your advice.

Continued testing as a standalone smartwatch (with sim card and 3g or 4g activated). I can barely have up to 6 hours of battery life using the device mainly for time check (turn the wrist thing disabled). I will test as a phone companion (connected through the smartphone via Bluetooth) and let you know about the results.
Hope someone can help me ( maybe with a third party app) or provide a refine the radio part of the firmware.

Perhaps try what I tried that fixed my very low microphone.

Factory reset, then flash (not wifi update) with the newest firmware with SPTools

Might work, but to be fair… the watch does run hot when watching vids etc. Its mainly the battery and the screen that heats up the most no doubt

I updated to the latest firmware using sptools, bit nothing changed… unfortunately

Did you factory reset before the firmware? My watch doesnt get hot when wifi is on all day, 4g heats up anything though, so the more you use it the warmer its gonna get, cant do much about that.

Hmm, I can’t confirm. My optimus pro is getting warmer if I look a video or something like that, but not too much. I can’t say anything about 4g, because the SIM card I’m using for this watch is only 3g. So I can’t test it atm, sorry.

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The problem with me is that the Pro outputs a message on the screen.
That it gets too hot.
It is really so hot that you can not touch the Dislpay anymore.
Then I can only switch off.
But actually happens when I watch news, videos whatsapp, youtube or videos but also apps can trigger it.

If you read the small print on the instruction Manuel, it says

“Because of the limited space inside the phone, and in order to better waterproof and sealing performance, resulting equipment running heat spread slowly. When your device is obviously hot, it is recommended that you do not use multiple applications at the same time or stop using WIFI Internet and other application consumption of more energy”

So basically what that means is that the watch was made that way and you or whoever has the a hot Pro is using it too much lol

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I wonder if just turning the screen brightness down during heavy use would help.

I’m still investigating the issue. The only thing I can say for now is that when I’m on SIM card the device keeps active, while when I use it as a phone companion it falls asleep from time to time when I’m not using it… Hope this can help to circumscribe the issue. Cheers

Awww, man…u guys are making me nervous with this issue. I just ordered an Optimus Pro. Well, I don’t plan to immediately plunk a nano sim in it…so will see how it goes.

For what it’s worth I have an Optimus Pro and I have not had any overheating issues with it.

Having said that, I did install “Into the Dead” (which plays really well on a watch) and that did make the watch get a little warm after playing for a while. But not really much more that what you would expect from a low end phone.

I do wonder how much impact ambient temp will have, since it’s winter here at the moment.

reichstein, we’ll find out about ambient temp when I get mine. It’s summer here.