Optimus Pro to hot!

I wouldnt worry mark at all . As soon as you are up and running i can give you some great very basic tips to keep things good . Its easy for us to presume that first time users know everything when they dont :grin:

Its perfectly normal to buy a watch . Stick a 4g sim in it then leave

Wifi , Gps , bluetooth , raise screen , pedometer all on permantly . With a 100 apps running in the background then sit and watch a two hour movie on netflix and wonder why you can fry a egg on the screen .

Keep calm :+1:


It is also understandable that it is hot, even mobile PC’s are hot when the processor is claimed.
The Pro works very well, so I am very satisfied with it.
I’m always reachable, the news with attachments I look at my home.
Reading is not a problem.
You have just installed Whatsapp and would like to see the news.
Works very well but unfortunately not for long.
The voice control works very well too, I am glad that I do not have to take a mobile phone anymore.
Thought there are ways to keep the temperature down.

Good morning, I’m a first time user that’s true. But I’m not talking about a 2 hours video melt down. I’m talking about a 2 minutes WhatsApp that causes high temperature and battery drain… I’m talking about the processor that never sleeps while on mobile network, while on Bluetooth connection is ok. I will go deep into this issue to understand how I can use this smartwatch as a phone replacement (which was my main requirement).
In the mean while I contacted Kospet that told me to roll back to 1.6 firmware.
I’ll let you know how it goes if there’s someone interested.

Any further help is appreciated.



which firmware are you running on the watch?
I had the same overheating issue after I flashed 2.7 ( posted on the forum ) while 1.6 and 2.5 are both working just fine.

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Good evening. Now I’m on 2.7 posted here on the forum. I had the same issue with 2.5. I haven’t tried with 1.6 cause I performed an OTA update as the watch came out of the box.

I’m out of ideas then. I only had the overheating problem ( and a bit of a battery drain too I think) with 2.7. You might have gotten a faulty unit

Rolled back to 1.6 and the issue was there. I can’t download a single app from the Play Store with 4g connectivity and I got the warning of high temperature. Is there someone out there that can help me to understand what’s going on? I bought this unit from Kospet official store on AliExpress…

it seems that I got on top of the issue (still testing).
I installed GSAM battery from the Play store, give it the battery stats permissions via ADB (no root required) and found that Google play store was eating 60% of battery. Tried disabling it but this actions didn’t solve the problem as many apps stopped working properly (e.g. WhatsApp).
I found somewhere on the internet that my issue could be related to location permission granted to third party apps. So I get deep into the apps installed on my watch and found that my issue was due to location permission granted to the stock browser and to the stock assistant app. Revoking those permissions gave me good results as I haven’t experienced other overheating problems and my battery drain fell to an acceptable value ( still under testing). It was necessary to reboot the watch after every operation for changes to take effect.
I hope this tips could help someone out there.
Now I’m investigating on battery drain caused by location permission granted to Play services.
Maybe someone can help me in collecting data.


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I tried what you said on my watch and it no longer has { the current equipment temperature is to high} message. I am on 3.0 battery life has been pretty good as well still on first cycle but I am at 75% with 1 hour 56 min listening to music {pandora} Bluetooth earbuds.So your theory is indeed correct about the stock browser and assistant apps.Now we just need to get this fix this in the next update.
Best Regards