Optimus 2 Official support Thread - Updated 26/06/21

Hi all,

Kospet is releasing the next generation Optimus 2 model.
I highly recommend this watch as it has addressed all the issues that users wanted after owning the first Optimus Pro.
It is available for pre-order now from Banggood.
However, nice discount available here and available after midnight WPT USA!! KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 Smartwatch – kospet-official for one month. Add this coupon and it is the best offer available - 888OPTIMUS2
I like the fact that calls are possible in Long Standby mode now.
Awesome camera for those who like photos - with a built in FLASH :slight_smile:
The battery is same as Prime to 1260 - 1300mah with variance and has a nice portable 1000mah booster pack.
1.6" screen - not AMOLED.
All in all a nice looking upgrade to the original Optimus.
UPDATE - I have an early test sample and I have to say that they have done a fantastic job here.
Phone calls and messaging and sleep monitoring all work in long standby mode !!
Fitness app can make use of GPS and cellular data for maps tracking in low power mode.
Happy to say that custom watch faces are working fine in low power mode as well.
You can pick and choose faces as if you were in normal mode.
I have not had time yet to test the Universal Launcher in long standby mode.
so I will update again I guess.
Incredible step forward in combining the different technologies !!




Again, just so everyone knows…
The LEM P, Prime S, Optimus 2 and any of the other supposedly “Dual Mode” watches are not Dual Mode in reality.

Unlike the original Optimus watches that did have “dual operating mode” and the watch would boot into the BT environment.

This is because the Dual System mode is actually just a cut down version of the launcher that prevents the user from using the majority of Android apps and some services. So booting into the BT system is not required and does not happen. The BT system chip in this case is used to handle the sensor information and it does a good job of this.

On these devices, when you use the “other” operating mode you are effectively invoking a strict power saving mode - but only because the launcher changes and prevents you from accessing the regular apps.
Hence if you can get around the restricted launcher - phone calls and everything else still works as normal. You can easily verify this by installing a third party launcher.

I am saying this because I believe it is fair to be honest about the so called “Dual System” mode and I believe that the brands have not been completely transparent about this.
In fact, to the extent that I actually believed (before I got the devices) that they were indeed like the original Optimus watches and we would be booting into the BT chip environment.

Just an FYI

Here is the stock firmware


Is it actually a flash? It’s described as a flashlight in the materials. Anyway, looks like a nice watch.

Another thing I’ve been wondering about these new dual mode watches - are the new health functions available in Android mode or only in bracelet mode?

Yes . It is a real flash and it really works.
The fitness modes on the Optimus 2 can actually use cellular data for tracking maps in low power mode :+1:


Health is on both modes

So they advertise sleep monitoring … is that correct?

Yes on both modes don’t know if its good

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I’m assuming so as we have our Prime S samples . It has sleep monitoring along with blood oxygen so hopefully should be the same


I can confirm. Sleep monitoring is included.:+1:


Thanks all for confirming.
It was keeping me awake nights :grinning: :grinning: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have to clarify my answer a bit. Me and @Dr_Andy_Vishnu have not yet received these watches. If these specs are correct and if it is identical to the Kospet Prime S in this regard, blood oxygen measurement and sleep monitoring should be included. But we can only 100% confirm this once we have received it.

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Cheers @G1NT0N1C … thanks, I’ll wait until you guys have the real deal,.

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I have it now (early tech review sample) and sleep monitor works on long standby mode - and so does phone call and SMS.
Phone calls and SMS are not available in low power mode on the Prime S
I have to say that this is a game changer in the way these chips are working together !!
Cellular is available for calls and SMS and extremely surprisingly - map data works for fitness tracking maps. I am very surprised and will edit my first post accordingly


Thanks @pablo11 .,
sounds like it may be a very cool product featuring some very useful functions not previously available.
It will be interesting to see how the battery life is after you have done some every-day testing. :+1:

Yes - that would be great if I had the time to conduct “every day” testing.
But sadly I don’t.
I am already at work here at 7pm and I will be here for 24hrs.
I don’t have the luxury of time on my hands - lol
So for in depth testing it will have to wait until the official release and reviews.
But I can say with confidence that people will be happy with this model.
Kospet has also told me that they will honor discounts and make it easier for people to get the “early bird” discounts.
So keep an eye out for things like this World Premiere KOSPET OPTIMUS 2 Smartwatch – kospet-official
Even though it may be up and down for a week or so - they will make sure that early purchases are respected. Banggood are making the official first sales and then Kospet will sell from their store as well.
So at the moment it’s $200 US at
[rotatable flash camera] kospet optimus 2 dual mode dual chip 4g+64g octa-core 4g-lte watch phone gps+beidou android 10.7 spo2 monitor smart watch Sale - Banggood.com
But watch this space.

For me to make a fuss about something - it must be good :slight_smile:


After the 28th of this month that link to the Kospet store will be working fine and I will try to get coupons as well

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It’s all sounding very positive…looking forward to it. :+1::+1::+1:

Also forgot to say (cos I am going insane lol) custom watch faces are working fine in low power mode as well. You can pick and chose faces as if you were in normal mode.
I have not had time yet to test the Universal Launcher in long standby mode.
so I will update again I guess :slight_smile:


Does any one have any idea what this watch’s connective ‘Gaofit App’ is like?
I tend to use my watches as standalone items mostly but I think it would be hard to go past Watchdroid as far as bluetooth apps go.

Perhaps Gaofit is simply a compatible fitness app?

I very much doubt that using any stock Chinese app would be suitable for you.
But let us know :+1::+1:

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