Official Support for the Rollme S08

Rollme is a new brand on the market and along with sister brands Rogbid and Ckyrin - we will be helping with support.
But this will be the S08 focused support thread.
It is a very robust and durable looking design and runs the Android 7.1.1 firmware we are used to.
The waterproof claim is true and tested by one of our team who has been swimming while wearing it without issues !!
We have a separate thread here for firmware.
Here are the images and details:

Currently available in a flash sale for the next 5 days at

Now I will move all previous comments about this device to this thread to save any confusion.


I just received a Rollme S08.
It is a good watch and does everything it says it would, but…

The display has less contrast than the Kospet Optimus because it’s a different technology and also the response to touch is not as good. When scrolling it suddenly starts scrolling very fast and is unstoppable way past the item you were looking for.

It’s also really huge, which is no problem for me since I have big hands :wink:

At first I had problems with the docking station because the USB plug was to short to enter the socket in the frame properly, so I had to cut a tiny slice from the plug’s mantle to make the pin longer.

Having the choice again I would probably rather go for the Kospet Prime or the Kronos Genesis – it was waterproofing that made me buy this little goody here…


Thank you for sharing your first impressions. I have bought one, too. But I’m still testing.


I just got one and I’ve been locked out, do you happen to know how to factory reset the device from lockscreen?

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How did you get locked out ?

I guess he forgot the code. In this case you have to flash the firmware. But I don’t think we have it. You will have to contact the seller.

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When and if they come back to us with an agreement, we will be able to help you with this.
I am in discussions with them now.


Hello, i ordered one as well which is still on the way, but i would be interested which lcd and cameras are implemented.
Is it possible you could dump and upload the boot.img from this watch?

@none We do not support this watch yet.
We have no information about it until we have an agreement with the brand.
It’s the same for all brands here.
I am in discussions with them now but I am sorry, we can’t provide any information until we reach this agreement.
We don’t know anything about the watch.
I’m sorry.


Been on vacation: I guess I request an update when rollme enters into a partnership with the website so I can know how to reset it while locked

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Any agreements will be announced when and if they happen . Thankyou


MOD Edit.
See my post below.

I have just completed an agreement with the Brand owners.
We will be officially supporting the S08 and future models too.
So please just hang on and let me get the arrangements in place officially.
There is nothing to do with FRP on these boards. Flashing the firmware will be fine and I will post it later.


Does anyone have the firmware of this smartwatch? Could share. Or a twrp backup.

Very new to this but Is it possible to install designer faces (Tag, omega etc) to the rollme s08?

Yes it is.
Exactly the same as the other brands and devices here.
Check out the huge watch face designer section here for more information. :+1:

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I have just posted an update above.
I will let you know asap.


I’m on the verge of ordering this. I have the Prime and I just love the big bulky watches. I’m excited Pablo11 has worked out something with the Rollme folks.


I got the Rogbid Brave a week ago and my biggest disappointment is the battery life. It goes from 100 % to 5% in 7 hours.
Please let me know how your watch is doing.
I understand that the Brave is the same as the s08.

The kospet brave is 100% not the SO8 ? We will be supporting this watch soon and will have more information . You will probably be only getting 7 hours due to bad battery management . Try using wifi only when you need it , turn off google sync and pedometer for a start . I deleted your other post as we do not need this info twice