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Yes, but it’s not legal in the most countries. That’s why we don’t support it. Search Google for MTK IMEI help.


@Sergio256 I already mentioned about the imei issue.

My advice is is to use Hardware Info app from the play store and it will tell you exactly what it is.
LEM15 and Lokmat APPLLP 4 are definitely Z36 boards

Which firmware are you currently using?
It is probably a good idea to flash back to stock and ensure that your imei is correct.
Use firmware upgrade option because it will make a backup of your nvram partition and keep it until the upgrade is completed.
SP Flash Tools are really good for this and have the smarts built in to protect original NVDATA (IMEI, MAC addresses and other essential configuration)

Entering the IMEI number on the Web is not a great way to determine any real information about it.

The factory that builds the watch will purchase thousands of IMEI numbers and use them across various models if they have any left over.

Which country are you living in?
I know that these IMEI numbers are being blocked in several countries like India and Iran for example.
Generally, Aliexpress will not ship to countries where the numbers are being blocked…

So it looks like your IMEI is for the original Android 7 LEM12.
But we need to see the Hardware report.

Thanks Pablo, I understand what you mean, I "ll check the Imei number with the Hw app info as you mention it.
my lem15 was Z36 v1. 2.1 stock rom, upgraded with the FAW v1.3 RC1 and it works very fine with the FAW Release… With this new SIM Card, the data are blocked… And my smartphone has many display problem, so I decided to move the SIM Card into the LEM15.
I know it is illegal but as I can not use any more my smartphone, I 'd like to use its IMEI in my LEM15…
Can you provide me with the stock rom link ?
Thanks for your help

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Hardware Info will tell you what hardware you are using.
Not about the IMEI
The stock firmware is at the top of this thread isn’t it?

@Sergio256 here is a newer version

I got the following infirmation with the device info Hw
Alps lem15
Soc helio p22
Cpu mt6762…
It is ok

Yep that’s correct.
You can go ahead and flash the stock firmware to check if the same IMEI is correct.
Or you can tell us what provider you are using for cellular and which country you are in.
I will find out if they are blocking the imei.
Up to you

thanks, I am from France , the operator is a MVNO NRJMOBILE but the physical network operator is BOUYGUES
I intend to get the right file ( BPGLGUIINFO ) that is quicker as I do not want use the stock version because I am very sastified with the FAW V1.3 RC1

I will remind people once again.
Do NOT talk about any method or tools used to perform illegal operations on the forum.

I have edited two posts now and I will go through the forum looking for any previous references to it.

I may have even done it myself, but I have been warned and I don’t want to put the future of the forum at risk.

Thanks for understanding

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As I said before, you can search for MTK IMEI Problem on the Web.
Don’t talk about it here

Pablo, understood , sorry for that message you can delete it without any problem.I understand .
Once more, sorry

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No problem mate :handshake: