Official LEM15 Thread

Hi all,
Yep, the LEM 15 is hitting stores now.
Very similar dimensions and battery, cameras, Android 10 etc as the LEM12 Pro.
But that’s where the similarity ends.
This is a very cool looking product and I suspect that it will be quite popular.
Ceramics used front bezel and rear cover do make it look great - IMO.
I suspect Mr Ticks will review one soon.
Here is a link that will get you a discount from Lemfo
Expected to sell for between $199 - $250 I believe and comes with a power bank as well.
Nice review from Mr Ticks.

Here are the details:

LEM15 Product specifications 4.1.xls (28 KB)



Discounted link added
Use this coupon in May for $10 discount O4VD9WTGMTAZ


The ceramic finish is very nice, and the additional storage is always welcome. Is the custom firmware going to be portable without a lot of work, if at all?

We have no idea if they will release the international firmware for this product.
It is still being evaluated by people here on other devices.

Just so it’s clear, it is not custom firmware.
It is from the same people who supply the regular firmware on the watches.
The difference is that we have worked with them to make a version of firmware that is more practical for international customers.


i bought this watch


I must admit that first impressions are that it looks and feels good.
Specs taken directly from the device attached.
alps_LEM15.pdf (55.8 KB)


Is there any workaround for the flip wake up screen on time?

Flip… 1 sec delay… Screen flashes on for less than 1.5 secs… Can hardly even tell the time.

No, sorry. No Workaround.


Excellent! Thank you for the news! I love you people and thank you too for this excellent forum!


Thanks! Other than that…it’s a beautiful watch!

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Hi everyone, to pablo11 , do you know which firmware is intended to be delivered with this new watch ? same functions and improvements as what it is included in S10 Pro firmware (LEM14) Android 10 firmware – FAW style, unbranded.???
I saw the SIM Slot is located on the left side of the watch and to my mind, much more easy than the previous generation watches on the backside . The LOKMAT APPLLP 4 seems to be similar to the LEM15 but a BT 4.0 instead of a BT 5.0 for the LEM15 , is it true or is it a specification error ?
Thanks for all the great job you do on these different topics .

Anyone know the weight of this lem15 is it lighter than the lem12pro? I’m after light weight small LTE watches.

It is very similar to the LEM12 Pro and LEM 12. For size and weight

Lokmat and lemfo are the same in this respect.
Just different cases.
BT 5 yes.
Firmware is stock brand firmware at the moment.

But work is going on in the background with the solution provider to be able to use the international firmware on these. :+1:


Pablo is possible you can tell these smartwatch manufacturer to state what Category is there smartwatch for 4G/5G LTE is.

For example Samsung Galaxy S10 is Cat 20.

Thank you

Sorry - but I guess this is how they work it out in China.
It’s different from Korean manufacturers who are making an item for a specific market.

By the way - the discount coupon expires at the end of May.
I hear that they are supplying free BT ear buds with this as well.
Just thought I should let you know.

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Hi guys
after a few years with wear LG sort w281 and experience with No1 Lem X i think aboiut to give this watch a try.
Yesterday arrived.
Install my minimum so as - Playstore settingsearch email blink incl. skydemon as flying map.
I must say - perfect - today 8hour on - several 30 notifies and 5 calls all only with sim card enabled - it release 80% battery.
Installing apps with help of vysor - and connected with join.
It is realy an daily driver - Phone stay at home
Best Regards


Good to have you hear and sharing your results :+1: Thankyou