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Hi everyone, strange problem with my two lemfo 15, up to now, all was fine, I decided to move my sim card from the phone to the watch… In replacement of a previous sim card which worked fine in the watch.
The watch displays correctly the 4G level for the data but I can not access internet services… This sim card works fine in the smartphone… Any idea

Did you reboot after inserting sim

If you mean switch on/off, yes? The phone connection works fine only the data does not work

Is data enabled in settings ?

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Yes, on the very first factory release, there was a reboot function, but this does not seem to be kn the Faw firmware ??

Do I need to update again with the same release v3. 1 rc1 ? If possible ??

I did a factory reset, no improvement… I do not understand

Some wireless service providers block their services for certain devices. From which country do you come? Can you swap the SIM cards again to check? And - another idea - have you checked whether the SIM card is placed correctly?

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I know, @Dr_Andy_Vishnu already asked you: have you enabled mobile data?


Maybe you are right… I swapped the Sim card on the phone again and works fine on the phone, I tried with another SIM card from Another provider and data seemed to work fine in the watch…

Yes, that’s what I feared…

I suspect that one of the following applies.
a) the data APN needs to change due to service provider update.
b) your IMEI number is missing?
c) Your service provider has changed frequency bands (unlikely).
d) your IMEI has been blocked by your service provider as @G1NT0N1C said.

If it is the imei being blocked, you will be better off getting a different Sim.
If the IMEI is gone, it will be very difficult to fix and legally, we can’t discuss that here. Best approach for a missing IMEI is to go back to the seller and ask for help.

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Now that another SIM card works, the IMEI will be there.

This is possible too.
But, there are some providers that do not need an imei for data.
Pay as you go “data only” for example.
For phone calls it’s required by law.

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Yes, Imei check gives model Z28 Lokmat for a lemfo LEM15, I can only choose “automatic network”, I can not choose the option " Choose a network " so I guess the data service is probably blocked due to the IMEI number allocated to the watch, so I have to choose another network provider… I do not understand the goal for blocking some IMEI…

No, look in settings and scroll down to the bottom and click on “about watch/phone” and then “IMEI information” or “status”

There you can see the IMEI and SV numbers.

By the way, the LEM15 is not a Z28.
It is a Z36.
Have you flashed the LEM 12 PRO firmware by mistake?

Lokmat APPLLP 2 is the same as a LEM 12.
Not the LEM 15 which is the same as the Lokmat APPLLP 4.

I got the information of Z28 by entering the IMEI number on an internet site, of course I got the IMEI in the settings of the watch.
I guess it is not possible to modify the IMEI number in the smartwatch ??