Most common apps square vs round

As I’m only just getting into Android watches and having ordered a Ticwris max then a couple of weeks later a Genesis. I have a couple of questions.

What apps are most common and work best on a rectangular screen or a round screen?

What apps couldn’t you do without?

Are there any good apps for the phone that make having an android watch a better experience?



I have to say watch droid is a given lol. I’ve already got it on my phone waiting for when one of my watches arrives.

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My running app, GBoard, VLC and Fx explorer pro, color switch are cool apps (I have a round screen watch)
Oh and I couldn’t have done without Gravity Box (it’s pie control feature is really useful among other things)

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Are launchers preferred or do they just consume memory and battery.

You will not see and battery difference using UL . And to many , yes it is preffered as you can do more . Its great


I agree with @Dr_Andy_Vishnu, not a significant battery consuming increase, plus unlimited number of watchfaces, plus widget capability.

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And icon packs too!