What are your top Daily to Useful apps?

Rooted Lemfo Lem X watch.
These apps help make the watch a great standalone experience.

Bottom Quick Settings
Clockskin Transfer
Keep notes
File Manager
Google podcast or any podcast manager.
Pie Control
Send Anywhere
Settings search
Tabata Timer
Titanium Backup
Watch Droid Assistant

I would like to know your hacks for any watch.

Thank you


Great initiative. Thanks for the list.
For now I only have Watch Droid Assistant (v9.0), Keep notes and floating touch installed.
But I will definitely try some of your list.

Pie control looks promising.

On my Zeblaze Thor Pro 3G:

  • AI reader - Because it can use text to speech to have ebooks read out loud

  • Es File Explorer Pro - has some upsides; like streaming movies from the NAS, etc

  • Google Fit - Step counter and I like to dump all my sporting activities into it

  • Google Gboard - Because of swipe, and mostly because it can float around so that you can access all the keys in the watch, even return

  • Gliderun - Not using it much since I switched to MyRunningApp (which will soon have full heart rate support for our full android watches)

  • HeartOnTop - I use it simultaneously with MyRunningApp to get HR into google fit

  • Google Maps - good to have

  • Google text to speech - for having things read out; everything from running/biking performance to e-books.

  • Microsoft Edge (developer’s edition) - because it’s better than chrome

  • Music control - because my true wireless buds are awesome but can’t skip songs, this allows me to press the bubble which expands and lets me control music playback.

  • Music Player Bass Booster Free download - A music player that has awesome bass boost and EQ and uses the least amount of CPU doing so. I tested 20 different ones and this one is the best.

  • MyRunningApp - I can get voice coaching, stats, sync to Strava and Google fit, has GPS, camera, workout programs, interval training, route follow, gdrive backup, set 1 sec precision for fast moving bike & runs or up to once an hour for long hikes. Also heart rate on bluetooth devices or ant+… Best part is, however, that I’m helping test true optical heart rate sensor support for our full android watches. So get this app!! Free version shows sometimes a small banner, but no other limitation. Pro version very cheap.

  • Netflix - because I can stream an entire movie on the watch before battery dying :slight_smile:

  • Play services updater

  • Smart touch - allows to hit a bubble which can do anything from changing volume or brightness to app launching

  • Strava - although not really needed, I use this to check strava segments from exported sessions from MyRunningApp (I use FitnessSyncer to send Strava & Fit to S-Health)

  • VLC - because I can watch a lord of the rings movie before battery dies :slight_smile: or have it layer a movie on top of my sporting app while out and about.

  • Voice - Because it’s the best audiobook player for me. Has a convenient widget.

  • Droid Watch - because it trumps wiiwatch

  • Viber - Because whatsapp is a little boring in comparison

  • Youtube - obviously

And last but not least:

  • Universal launcher



Great post . Thanks for the heads up on running app :+1:


No problem, I actually made a topic on the sports app here:


May as well add Sleep as Android (which I use) to get your full day on Fit…

Google fit has sleep nowadays :slight_smile: Tried it yet?

They’re rolling out a new version that supports sleep data this week. It’s available for my watch now (started using it yesterday) but not yet for my tablet. It tracks your sleep and wake times daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. It doesn’t seem to track the quality of sleep.

Initially running app wont install on my zeblaze Duel ? Have you ever had this issue . I will look into this tomorrow . However looks like a great app on my phone :+1:

try disabling all floating apps before trying to install… let me know tomorrow how it goes

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Netflix on a watch…maybe buy two and put them in a glasses frame? :smile:

Hey… Thor pro 3g has a large screen :slight_smile: it’s doable hehe

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I just tried Voice. Nice app! Thanks.
I was using Mortplayer audiobooks. This is much more clean and is open source.

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no problem! I only use the best xD

Wow! Thanks for the recommendation on some of these apps.
Especially, Voice, Viber and some of the Google apps.

I would like to try MyRunningApp but it doesn’t show on the Play Store on my watch and if I try to install from the site it says my device is not compatible with the app (I have a Lemfo Lem8). It looks like a Wear OS app, how could you install on your full android watch?
Thank you.

Not possible in this case. There are just a few standalone apps for android wear you can make running on your watch. But not this one, because it needs to comunicate with your mobile.
Look here:


I just downloaded from the google play store. The app is for phones. You can possibly install the app on your phone then create an apk which you can send to your watch. On my watch it shows up and installs without problem. Weird

Has anyone successfully installed MyRunningApp from Google play?

Try this link on your watch (touch the grey play.googledotcom)

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It’s not an android wear app? Ok, I thought it is. Thx for checking this out!:+1:

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Lol I thought the entire forum was focused on full android watches hahha

If you have wearOS 2.0, maybe there’s another version specifically for wearOS on the watch’s play store