Minimal b&w watch face

I have created a minimal black and white watch face using the excellent WatchFaceDesigner app.

I use it in my Kospet Optimus 2 watch.

The icons open the following apps (starting from 12 o’clock and clockwise): Open Camera, Lens, Google Assistant, Termux, InstantCamera, Google Maps and OrganizedDrawer. You can also see the current month/date, time and steps.


You can download it from here: minimalBW - watch - Google Drive


Hi @johnsidi Welcome aboard the Forum mate! I like the design of this face, precisely because it is minimal…and above all easy to see everything at a glance :+1: :+1: Looking forward to seeing more of your designs in the future mate. Cheers, Doons

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Great and practical . Nice work :+1:


Hi can you get the recorder link out?

He may amend this clockskin for you if you say " please " ?


Yes, I would need to have the touch zone for both the recorder, that the flashlight, and the battery with the percentage, for kindness, thank you

In love with this very useful clockskin. Thanks a lot @johnsidi!


Another slightly modified version.

content: ScreenAssistScreenshots Screenshot_20211028-110306

I replaced the battery icon with a link to the recorder app and I added the remaining battery percentage.

Thanks @bgm for the suggestions!


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Let me ask you something! If you go into a restaurant and ask the waiter for something. When do you thank me when you ask or when you receive it? Or are you just showing him a :+1:?

For how I am I thank before and after

Then in addition to the pictures, a “THANK YOU” would also look good. :wink:

I thanked I do not know the reason for this answer, but I thanked the change that took place, I published the photos to point out what opened and what did not! I do not know why he did not publish my answer, If this did not happen I apologize, but I praised the good work done, I do not understand why he did not publish my answer,

I apologize if the answer did not arrive I was convinced I had written it. And I rewrite what I had said… Great job and thank you for applying yourself to do the new faces. The recorder works great, I attached the photos to tell you that only the recorder is Google maps are working the rest no, sorry again

An app that is not installed on your watch will not be able to start. read the list of applications at the top of the post.

Yes this I know in fact in the message that then did not start I also said it is likely that the name of the package is different, thanks comunYes this I know in fact in the message that then did not start I also said it is likely that the name of the package is different, thanks anyway

Another more dense (19 touch points!) and more personal variation :slight_smile:


I have added 8 links to custom JavaScript Tasker apps that I have created for opening various files in my text editor (today’s note (T):, today’s note ii (Tii):, tomorrow’s note ii (Tom ii):, yesterday’s note ii (Yii):, yesterday’s note (Y), add task/note to tomorrow’s note (plus icon), add note to today’s note (note and pencil icon), open note (O).

Finally when you tap on the time the clock app opens.


@johnsidi Thank you I like the simplicity of the face and the links so cool.