Michael Kors Grayson requested by @TheBlitz_Media

Apparently, one cannot set a different digital time for GMT, so it is now analog…




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That was fast! Thank you very much!

You are welcome… I’m working on finding a way to set LON time the GMT

Also there´s something wrong with the red rings… or do i need any launcher?

The word LON is on “image2.png”… i just don´t understand what you´re asking…
Do you want it to say GMT instead of LON? that seems easy, just edit the image
Do you want to have another clock with the GMT time there? That seems a lot more complex…

Can you fix the red rings issue? Or just tell what should i do to fix it,please
Also i got it now what the red ring is for Battery Percent… of course…
Why isn´t it reading it correctly (got it, UL), and also that info is already there on the right smaller circle…


RE: Red rings, pretty sure it requires UL, the program it was designed in…

And yes, I want to have another clock with the GMT time there as in the prototype

You mean Universal Launcher, right?
I tried it once and something went wrong with the others watchfaces…
But for this one i will give it another go…

Yes Universal Launcher

Excellent my friend thank you for a keeper :watch: face

I saved this face in the Clock Skin Maker and should work for you… Download the proper link

I don’t think it’s possible with digital clock.
Read down a little in this post…

Hey @doubledad add the universal Launcher tag to the title so that viewers won’t be confused. The dial will act weird in kw stock launcher.


Sorry, it shows the same way…

Thank you, Jonathon, I admit I have been guilty of not doing so in the past


Copy to @Marco_Ferreira

Also there´s something wrong with the red rings… or do i need any launcher?

What watch are you using?

Right… Will replace the digital with analogue if it looks OK

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Finow X7 with 71.1. Android

In a previous post I asked Marco for insights on the red ring problem

There are different stocklaunchers. They have a slidly different behavior, for example on the battery indicator. In this case the batter has been moved 200 px to the left side. To make it work on finow launchers, and zeblaze also, I guess.

So, should @Rui_Iria expect this to work if he uses the UL (which I initially suggested he use)?

Yes, if UL is installed it will run on every watch. But it’s not so hard to make it work on finow Stock launcher. Just open the clockskin XML and move the battery 200px to the left.

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