Michael Kors Grayson requested by @TheBlitz_Media

so i guess you mean this:


And i should change centerX value to -200, right?

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Yes, that’s right.


Thanks for the tips…
Just another one, please…
I feel on fire, so this might be possible:
Can i add weekdays to this watchface? iI could replace that LON useless reference…

Also now i´m kinda worried abou sharing this, can i do it when i´m finished?

Also I hope you all got a very love and food packed xmas… (i´m gonna spend today just drinking tea…)

Yes, you can add a date, if you like. If you use parts of this face and you want to share it, you need the permission of @doubledad and you have to add a credit link to the brand website, too. If you create your own pictures, a credit link to the brand website is needed, only.

By all means, add weekdays in place of the GMT analog clock which replaced the LON digital clock. BTW, dinner this evening is King Crab Legs… At $25/lb they are a once a year treat.


Whoa YEAH! WE’RE HAVING LOBSTER! :lobster: :lobster:
I use a steamer to prepare them!

If I lived closer to the ocean, I’d be having lobster too… Although KCLs are too shabby either although frozen