PONG Going “Old school” Atari today, Pong from 1972.

Going “Old school” Atari today, Pong from 1972.

This is using the moving digital time technique to bounce the time around the screen. The score at the top is the date (dd/mm format), the player name is the weekday and the high score is the batt level.

This design will obviously work better on that other watch shape that shall not be mentioned. However, since I like my watches like I like my women, with curves, I brought everything in from the boundaries a bit so it would fit on a sexy round screen.

When designing, to make switching between the CSM (Clock Skin Maker) and D5 (or other) easier, since the CSM doesn’t implement the direction and angle the same, I have added comments in the XML showing settings for each. I also included two versions of clock_skin.xml.


When I see this, I think “only sheet, I’m a boy again”.
Good time and good memories…
Thanks @Andrew_Somers

Pure poetry in (slow) motion… :slight_smile:

is it possible to do calculation on time values? i,m thinking to show a series of numbers which the current time is in the middle.
something like this for 2
12 1 2 3 4 5

No, not possible to do calculations. I’ve been thinking of a way to do dual time zones (digital) and I don’t think it’s possible.
This skin is actually a bit of a trick (like most of mine). The time is not really moving, there are 22 digital times at fixed positions behind masks that reveal one each second.

Not sure exactly what your idea is, but it sounds similar to a skin from 088x880 on XDA, link here:

@Andrew_Somers Quote:- “I’ve been thinking of a way to do dual time zones (digital) and I don’t think it’s possible.”… I have given this some thought too; I may have come to a different conclusion… with caveats!

yeeeeess, I’m listening

Have you tried out the new forum yet?.. it would good be a good place to start a discussion thread :slight_smile:

The biggest problem, I think, will be daylight saving time (DST) between time zones… not every country/district/state/body changes their times… and/or changes them on the same day…

The second biggest problem… let’s call it the smallest… if your watch is set to London (main) and New York (secondary) the watch will show the “correct” times so long as you’re in London… if you travel to New York the watch will reset itself to local time - both the main and secondary time/dials will show different times for New York…

The third biggest problem… perhaps we should call this “the problem prior to the smallest problem or more simply, the middle problem”… the difference in time zones is relative to where you are…

Generally, the closer to the secondary time zone that you move to then the less is the difference between your actual time and your destination time (the main and the secondary… a bit like the “smallest problem” only different…

This (link below) illustrates the problem that some poor folks will have… one country, five standard time zones, DST in some but not all areas, some “local” time zone differences that vary between 30 and 45 minutes…


However… so long as you don’t travel, are happy with a “general” overview of different time zones (remember those caveats I mentioned)… then you could have (in the case of digital) several arrays where each array had it’s own character set… for London - 1=1, 2=2 etc and one array and character set would do… and for New York (five hours and several years behind) an array for the hours -1=8, 2=9, 3=0… and an array for the minutes - 1=1, 2=2 etc…

You may, of course, disagree… and want to change around the order of the problems… but… I know that you’ve already thought this through and that you fully understand the problems… but by presenting them to you (and the rest of the World) in this way, I can make it as confusing as possible and make myself look cleverer than I actually am…

I’ve heard rumours about the new forum, I’ll have to have a look.
So, I had thought of some of the issues you mention, especially what local means. But my old Timex had 2 time zones, local and home and that worked well. I was even setting about writing an Android app that would allow you to set the time zone and write a new array to the ClockSkin folder. DST or different time zones, if you move you’d have to change it, but if the app was simple enough it wouldn’t be a hassle.

However the biggest problem I see is so big it has its own acronym, MOAP (Mother Of All Problems).
I don’t think remapping the digits in the array is going to work. Because the one number is displayed in the 1s and 10s position. e.g. bumping the numbers by 1 hour (1=2, 2=3… 9=0) works for the 1s position but the 10s changes as well making it look another 10 hours ahead e.g. below
Local local+1
00 --> 11
01 --> 12
02 --> 13

I often do each digit position with a separate array (to get more control, like blank leading zeros or changing the size due to perspective), so this would overcome the 10s being tied to the 1s, but, and here’s the kicker, the 10s digit still changes on the transition from 9 - 0 at local time, so you would get the sequence below
Local local+1
00 --> 01
01 --> 02
02 --> 03

08 --> 09
09 --> 00 <-- time travel paradox
10 --> 11
11 --> 12
The problem is worse for greater differences

Analogue hands should be easy, just change the angle offset. You could also have a digital for local and analogue for home (but not the other way around).

@Andrew_Somers Do you see what you’ve done?.. now you look cleverer than me… let me think about it - it’s beer o’clock :wink:
PS… I’m going to ponder 12hr clocks…

I’m sure your brain cells are in great shape, especially since you’ve been drinking ponies instead of pints.

Link seems to be down, could you please re-upload this awesome watch?

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