Lokmat APPLLP Max (aka Prime 2)

Hi all,

Kospet has sold the Prime 2 to Lokmat and they will now be selling this device as the APPLLP Max .

It is exactly the same device in terms of hardware and the firmware is just a different name but otherwise the same.
I have a promo code to save $20 USD if anyone is interested: LOKMATWATCH is valid until June 21st.
Link https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_ABpNMX

Here are the advertising materials and specs:

Just remember that Face Unlock is now deprecated as a security risk by Google - even though it is included in the firmware. So it will work but, we advise that you do not use it.
The specs are exactly the same as the Prime 2.
So if in doubt - visit the Prime 2 thread.


hi is there a firmware available this watch… i have the prime 2 and would like to flash it to this since its the same watch hardware

Are you talking about the original Lockmat APPLLP pro firmware?
By the way, the international Firmware will run on this watch, too.

ok thanks, i will just do the international firmware instead

Just bought that one, as my son took my optimus 2…
Somehow disapointed by the Kospet original firmwareand looking for a big screen smartwatch, I decided to give a go to the Lokmat version of the prime 2.

Still hope manufacturers will make an apple full android flagship though. Maybe one day.

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Just added the stock firmware to the top post.

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No chance of Apple making any Android device.

Just use the FAW firmware from the right thread.
Please, read up about using it before asking any questions that are already answered :+1:

Sorry I meant “full Apple shape android smartwatch”. I don’t expect Apple to make a full android watch as it never will, of course but other manufacturers could and, according to me, should. Android apps are made to work on rectangular smartphones, not round watches. I believe apps to be more usable on square smartwatches rather than round. I bought the Appllp pro for the big screen, hope that in square mode apps would be more convenient. Zeblaze, Kospet, Lockmat, Lemfo… Go ahead :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the firmware. Your work on the optimus 2 is brilliant, no doubt it is on the Appllp pro :+1:

(gone to read the instructions)

Thanks for the feedback :+1:
Sadly, almost all of the watch brands are no longer available.
Either gone completely or just not producing Android watches any more.

Currently the best available rectangular device is probably the DM101.
But it is horizontal, not vertical.

However, I believe that there may be something coming from Lemfo in the near future.
Not sure if it will be round or rectangular yet.
I will let the forum know as soon as I can get more details.


Thanks for sharing infos with us !
My order has been cancelled, no more lokmat pro for me :frowning: . Let see what Lemfo has to offer… ?

They cancelled your order?
Must be no stock left…

If you are desperate for a huge round watch there are tons of stock on Aliexpress for the Lemfo Lemx . I appreciate its A7.1.1 but great watch with a big bright screen . Only £ 90 :+1:

Yep. Banggood, Aliexpress, Tomtop… Nothing left.

Thanks for suggestion :slight_smile: Too unsecure to consider but thanks :slight_smile:
I’m not desperate, I can wait for new products to come. Hopefully one will suit my criterias.

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No problem. Good luck :+1:

Hi all!
Today I received Lokmat appllp pro, now I am a real owner of FAW )
Any advice for owners of new watches? Removing or installing programs, updates? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Read what you can here and have a look at @SmartWatch_Ticks yt channel.
Some great videos there :+1:


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Any reason to get the Lokmat APPLLP Max over the Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro?
Android 11 seems more attractive.