Lokmat appllp max 4g

Is it worth upgrading, except for Android 9 and the dock strap?

Sorry but upgrading from what?
Either way - you would be better off not getting this particular model.
There are going to be new models but due to the global silicon crisis - it’s a slow process at the moment.
If you currently own a LEM T (DM100) you would be better off waiting - in my opinion.

The S999 APPLLP is not supported by almost everyone - including us.
Adding custom faces is also unsupported on these as far as I know.

Maybe check this out:

And this
This APPLLP MAX (S999) - Square Custom Faces - Full Android Watch

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Thanks Pablo. What am I waiting for, as the old advice, that something better is always coming out?

Seriously, there is nothing better right now?

Right now, unfortunately not.
They are doing their best but just ordering the SOC chips is taking many months :frowning:

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You mean the successor to LEM T or Prime 2? I can get the Prime 2 from EBay in under a month.

Yes Prime 2 is a great device and the Lokmat appllp Pro (same watch) - and there is stock that was made early last year so no wait time.
If you like big watches that have good battery life - it is a great choice indeed.
The screen is very classy.

If you are planning on root or anything like that though - stay with Android 7.1.
Android 10 is extremely tough to work with.
On XDA they actually refer back here for an old custom boot image but it is for an old version of stock FW and trying to root the watch gives very little benefit.
Only an old version of Magisk “Canary” will work and it is system-less root. Add to that the issue of the image signing and DM-VERITY and VB-META and it just becomes a serious challenge to even patch boot (even if you can unlock the preloader).

I presume it is too hard for anyone here to at least gain access to the system directories?

No - not hard
Just pointless
That’s why Magisk made the Canary version to provide system-less root.
You can’t modify the “super” image without hard stop error.
“super” is the Android 10 version of “system”
More to read: Magisk Documentation | Magisk (topjohnwu.github.io)
And more here Download Latest Magisk zip v23.0 and Magisk Manager 8.0.7 and Root your phone (getdroidtips.com)


Guys nowdays is it worth to take appllp max???