How do I import new watch faces? clockskin folder does not seem to work.

Your watch is Android 9, right?

I wish it was …

But it’s only Android half 9.
Could this be my suggestion? Don’t hurt android 9.

To answer the question: this is a very incomplete Android system in many ways.It probably works on the other side of the big Chinese firewall. But you can’t add almost anything. The extra watch faces don’t work.
Unfortunately, don’t wait for an update. Nothing will change.


Yes, I think so, too…

Is this the same Watch @pablo11 is writing about at this topic?

If the clockskin folder does not appear after a factory reset then it is probably one of the trash watches unfortunately.
But sometimes the folder is missing until a factory reset is done and the folder permissions are corrected.
Only if it is not the trash board.

I will confirm this, but if it is not the trash board it would have the same layout as the Prime S or the LEM P.
I’m pretty certain that these have the clockskin folder because they are a Wiiteer solution.

The trash models definitely don’t have the clockskin folder.


@Dennis_Garcia Please let me know when you have done the factory reset and can you confirm the details of the firmware it is using?
It is normally located in watch Settings / About Watch… It should be one of the last items in the list when you go to About Watch.


Just had confirmation from my friends in China.
This is definitely one of these

Thread closed.
Thanks everyone :+1: