List of launchers thread

I could have really used a list of smartwatch compatible launchers when I got my first watch. I hope this thread can be a resource for anyone looking for new launchers to try and/or keep an eye on.

Here are a few of the launchers I’ve tried and/or gonna keep my eye on:

Universal Launcher:

Circle Launcher:

L-Launcher: L-Launcher Support Thread - Android Software & Development - Full Android Watch

Honey Launcher:

Nova Launcher:

Please add on to this list with launchers you’ve tried and can recommend.


The universal Launcher in the Playstore is not longer updated. You’ll find the newest version here in the forum:
-ClockSkinCoco-3.6.apk - Google Drive

Here is the whole thread:
-Universal Launcher [Ver. 3.x and above]


It will be usefull to hear your views on the circle and honey launchers :+1:

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Circle launcher gets the job done, but I didn’t use it much so I don’t have a lot to say about it. I’m definitely keeping my eye on Honey Launcher, however. It’s a new minimalist launcher that lets you pick one widget and a few favorite apps for your home screen. The home apps are organized in a honeycomb pattern which looks great on a round screen. It’s not perfect, obviously. You’ll need a separate app for your settings like data, wifi, airplane mode, etc., the main widget doesn’t fill the whole screen, the home page apps could be bigger, and sometimes home apps appear in random sizes. I don’t have those last two problems when I use Honey Launcher on my phone, however.

The launcher is still in development and it wasn’t designed with smartwatch users in mind. It does show a lot of potential, though… If the launcher was more polished, I would probably be using it now. I’m not saying the smartwatch community should bully the developer into catering specifically to us, but a part of me wishes we would lol

If anyone’s curious, I’m currently using Nova Launcher with Pujie Black watch face widget. I have an app called Transparent Widget layered on top of Pujie Black to give me invisible app buttons in the corners of my watch face.

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Kospet Launcher:

Just found this. I love this simple little launcher. Totally idiot proof. Not really customizable though.