LG Sport Refined Version Prime Ultron (full touch response)

Hi there.

I have revised the Revised Version again.
Voice Recorder seems to have actually changed their package name…
Sorry, you have to live with other changes to the face. This is my own latest version.
The date now has th, st, nd, rd.

Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I_k_69NLnKr1Ozb49U2GCkChM7osWzjP/view?usp=sharing

LG Sport Thor Pro (workflow)

Have fun.


Having fun

This version for some reason slows down, unlike Thor. On Lemfo Lem 8.

Does this work with stock launcher?
Where do I copy the folder?

If this face was designed not to work with stock launcher @Odin would have put this in the Universal Launcher section . Put this unzipped clockskin in your " clockskin " folder in your watch after connecting to your Pc . Reboot afterwards

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I have done some revisions…


Still Having Fun! Revisions always welcome :call_me_hand:

It is beautiful!

Please teach me how to make a battery.

Its a bit out of date but you can play around with this

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Awesome face here my guy. Seems to work with my stock launcher on Lem12. Just minor alignment issues, but nothing noticable unless you really examine.

But where do we find the list of apps that this face support? Or are we to link the apps we desire?

@Odin hi there . Great work, do you have a UL version ? On UL the batery icon moves ro rigth side of the screen over the weather.

You could alter the battery position yourself in the .xml file . Alter the x position - 200



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Many thanks i’ll give it a try. But there are the issue that the heart bit is on negative values

which firmware is on your watch.
If 2.3b will never work well on this watch face the graphics battery level. 1-99% will be good or 100%.
The battery display in this firmware has changed

There is a possibility to adapt the graphic battery so that it works under V.2.3b. However, the watchface must be adapted for this.
Currently this has to be done by hand. But I could imagine that a later version of WFD will do this automatically.

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I’m curious here to solve the 100% flawless display. It is not possible to cover the error here with a black background. Try the solution you sent me without a background. the 1 and 10 value are always visible no matter how big an image you make for 100%

@gyuri hi there. Thanks for the info.
I have a Prime SE.
I think the firmware is fixed from factory.

It works as I sent it to you. You just have to make sure that the battery indicator is on the background and all other indicators are above it.

I’m talking about this watch face. There are at least 5 layers under the battery display. Handwriting is few here. A complete graphical transformation is required. The old version is much more free to use. Because of Optimus pro and prime, every watch face has to be created in two different versions for those who use A14 for graphic display.
The original design of the creator will not work properly until Array61 or 63 is included in the new version of WFD.