Lemfo lem16 upgrade erorr. Pls help

I just bought my Lemfo smart watch.

After opening, the upgrade screen appeared.

But the watch cannot complete the upgrade process.

It gives an error message every time and a warning to start again.

I tested it by inserting a sim card into the watch.

But the result is not the same every time.

Please help me on this

I send you video and pictures showing the problem.

I can’t get past this screen


Make sure its fully charged. Factory reset the watch and try again


Flash… it solution

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Where can I find the latest version flash rom?

-LEM16_EN_V1.4_20230203.zip - Google Drive

How to do it:
-Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

Thank you very much. I think the new falsh ROM version of Lemfo lem16 has been released… The problem is not solved when I install this version. I think the new version was released in September or October.I need to find this version. I emailed the company but they didn’t hear back.

Which firmware is currently installed on your watch? If it is not V1.6, the version I linked (v1.4) should work fine. If I remember correctly, V1.5 had a problem with camera orientation for WhatsApp calls.

You must flash v1.6 again.
You cannot flash any other version because you will get there error with the pixart firmware.

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LEM16_EN_V1.5_20230613 How can I get this version?
Can you help me

If you are currently on V1.6, you can’t turn back to V1.5

@G1NT0N1C So how can I download version 1.6 and 1.5? Can you send a link
. I couldn’t find it in the forum. There is version 1.5 but it is not available for download

@pablo11 I sent a request for permission to download it from google. If you allow me, I want to download this version. Otherwise I can’t download

I will give you version 1.6
You can’t downgrade from v1.6 because the pixart BT/sensor chip has changed in the most recent Z40 watches.
That’s what the picture shows… The pixart firmware fails to downgrade.

@pablo11 Thanks to you I solved the problem. The problem has been solved with this version update

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@azygos that’s great news.
Really happy to hear this.

I’m guessing that you tried to root the device and ended up with the problem you had…?
Anyway, just remember that you can’t downgrade from the version you have now.
Rooting this watch is only really possible using Magisk systemless root.
You need to patch the boot image with magisk, on another device. The stock file manager is not ideal for patching on the watch.
From the firmware package you have.

Then you can install Magisk Manager and follow the guides on xdaforums.com

Good luck :+1:

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Hello, I’m back after a while. I had a lem12 and for more than a year I had the lem16 (the front camera of the lem12 seems much better to me). In lem16 I have version v1.6_ 20230915, is that the latest? I still can’t activate the screen with double tap, you can only turn it off. screen with double tap using an app.

It was never designed to have tap gesture.
If you are talking about the LEM16.

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Hello, I am looking for advice:
After taking the OTA 1.6 update on my LEM16 and a FactoryReset a few weeks ago, all functions are normal on my watch. The main problem however is that since then, it gets uncomfortably warm to the wrist and depletes the battery in a few hours iso 2 days on version 1.5, both in 4G and 3G mode.
Any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance, Ad

First of all, I would try another factory reset.

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Thank you for your reaction, done that a number of times allready…