LEMFO LEM14 is online

I know some of the specs seem to be too good to be true, but it’s available on BG for $149.99 (the first 200 pcs): https://www.banggood.com/LEMFO-LEM14-4G+64G-4G-Network-Watch-Phone-5ATM-Waterproof-1600-mAh-Battery-13MP-Dual-Camera-Face-Unlock-Smart-Watch-p-1772465.html?cur_warehouse=CN&ID=6287835&rmmds=buy

That’s still the preorder. I announced that the other day in the LEM14 thread.

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I got a notice yesterday that the LEM14 is available to preorder for $199.99, and a notice today for $149.99 - a few days ago the LEM14 page displayed ‘Arrival notice’.
So you’re right, and since I love my “aging” Kospet Prime (the original, not the 2nd), which is my daily driver for more than a year now, I think I’m not brave enough to order a LEMFO watch saying it has the same battery capacity as the Prime 2, taken the quality of LEMFO LEM12 Pro with failed batteries, I think I’ll skip this one even for the $50 lower price tag.
A10 watches seem to be kinda immature ATM, the Prime is stable, it runs for weeks without any hiccups, and that’s the most important for me, the stability, not new features - that’s why I also skipped the Prime 2 (I’ve ordered it, but after seeing the first reviews I’ve canceled my order, because the original Prime has the right size for me, the 2nd is way too big for my wrist).


I’m going for a Smartwatchticks review.

LEM 14 article… nice battery!

I would be rather suspicious some of the technical information listed.

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…as usual LOL!

Did you see this?
Pre-order only …


i just preorder one but banggood for coupons and preorder doesn’t give you nothing even been a member for tears that’s why i don’t buy on them anymore.

I just preordered one YAY!

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Finally a 5 ATM watch from Lemfo

And for the price

LOL true dat!

What does that mean? If LEMFO won’t deliver your preordered watch, you’ll get your money back for the last cent. I have over 200 orders from Banggood, never had to run after my money, so the worst case scenario here is if the LEMFO LEM14 isn’t up to its specs.

For $149.99 it’s pretty good value even if it has an 1100mAh battery instead of the promised 1600, and if it has two sub-par cameras, even if it’s not IP67 waterproof, but it’s close to it, so you don’t risk your watch when you wash your hands.

We’ll see, won’t we? :wink:

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I mean I have points and coupons and I can’t use .
I like better AliExpress.
I’m not complain about the watch I feel comfortable with lemfo I was waiting for a 5 ATM watch and I believe on the specifications and for the price is a good deal.

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The only one thing is missing besides the famous NFC is the Bluetooth calling.

Personally i think it could be a good product, even with the less strong but real specifications.
It would fit the space between the Kospet Prime 2 and Lemfo LEM12 Pro, they just need to correct the advertising for a more truthful presentation.


IKR, but I do prefer BG, because they have EU Priority Shipping, which means I don’t have to take care of the customs, I pay what I pay, there won’t be any additional charges.
I also order from AE, but mostly from EU warehouses.
About BG coupons: yeah, they’re mostly useless, as well as BG points during flash and promo sales, but after a while you can accumulate enough points to buy a full priced article for a lot less. :slight_smile:
About the LEM14: I hope @SmartWatch_Ticks will get one soon, I love his reviews (apart from the sound quality sometimes). I do walk a lot, and my Prime seems to be at least watertight, so let’s hope LEMFO will deliver something close to what was promised. :wink:

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Tell me, with watch Right now have 5ATM,450x450 and Corning gorilla 4generation

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Let’s hope the LEM14! :+1:
I don’t really care about the cameras, since the original Prime’s cameras are of pretty bad quality, but I need a front facing camera because of the face unlock - I know it’s not really secure, but a lot more convenient than drawing patterns.
If somebody from LEMFO reads this (most probably won’t), a double tap to wake feature would be AWESOME (it has to be implemented in Kernel), and another awesome feature would be an unlocked mode, which would work like this: when you put your watch on your wrist, it asks for a pattern, a pin or something like this, then the watch would check your pulse in like every minute, so if it doesn’t sense your pulse, it would lock itself again - a similar thing is implemented in the 70mai Saphir watch.